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Catherine Ragnor – Blackbeards Fury

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Play the second part of the great Match3 saga! After her adventures alongside the cursed captain of the Flying Dutchman, Catherine Ragnor now has a new ship and a new quest to find new treasures. Yet when she returns home after a long voyage, she finds that her village is under attack by the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

Already dangerous, Blackbeard is now seemingly unstoppable due to the power of the mighty Sword of Ocean Fury. Determined to get revenge for her family and friends, Catherine sets out on a new quest to find the legendary weapon able to counter Blackbeard’s sword.

Game Features

-Return to the high seas in a new tale of piracy and adventure!

-Join Catherine Ragnor, Peter Thorne, and other memorable characters as they set out on a quest to stop Blackbeard.

-Watch the adventure unfold across five chapters as you unlock each of the twenty upgrades that tell Catherine’s story.

-Solve exciting match-3 puzzles to unlock each upgrade and complete your quest.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Catherine Ragnor is back.
After helping Flying Dutchman Captain Hendrick van der Decken in the first Game, Catherine returns Home.
But her home is under Attack of the well know notorious Blackbeard.
After wrecking her Ship and home Blackbeardsails back to his fortress, not knowing that Catherines younger Brother sneaks onto his Ship in hope of helping victims.
Now it is up to you to help Catherine finding Blackbeard, defeating him and helping her Brother.
So, what have we got here.
A Match 3 Game. Make 3 in a Row and finish the Levels.
Quick and simple.
But .... no, this time it is more.
Unlike many other Match 3 Games CATHERINE RAGNOR stands out of it.
The Story is very exciting and i loved following it. I also like the Narrators Voice, fits in perfectly.
Graphics are really nice and the Levels are Arcade Style. That goes also for the Sounds.
The Levels are completly varied.
You don´t know which helping tools you will get for solving them.
Be sure, that sometimes you wish you would like to have the other Ones.
Anyway, main Target is to earn Gold and Crystals to repair und upgrade your Ship to have a Chance against other Ships, you have to Battle in a Minigame.
Get Help from Friends and also a Parrot, but as said before, you need Gold.
The Levels are varied, yes, and sometimes tricky because of the obstacles, but they are not unfair and that increase the Fun.
Choose a relaxing Mode or turn on the Clock for more thrill.
It is a long way to Blackbeards Fortress, but it is worth the Time, not only for the Pirates of the Carribean Vibes.
Thanks to the Dev for the Invitation to this Adventure, i really enjoyed it. Well done.
So, if you want to have a good and relaxing (or thrilling) Time with a nice Pirate Flair Game and if you like Match 3 like me, then this is for you.
The only thing i miss are Achievements, but that didn´t stop me from having a good Time.
Thank you for reading my Friends. :-)
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Review from Steam

Pastime game, match 3, adventure.
Second chapter of the game "Catherine Ragnor and the legend of the flying Dutchman"
The playability is equal to the previous chapter.
Mainly if you base your match 3 puzzle challenges with help removing trapped icon rows, you can use simple cleavers that broken a fish or spade, cannon bombs for a large square.
There are 5 chapters that tell the story, with new characters we will meet Peter Thorne, and others ....
In the game you will find THE UPGRADE where you can restore the islands and restore them to their original splendor using the diamonds you collect by completing the matchboards.
When you want you can access the CATHERINE'S SHIP, use your gold bars earned by playing to improve the ship, you can buy cannons, sails, the Figurehead and improve its aesthetics.
There are various treasures to be found, if you manage to drop all the pieces of the map stuck on the board, after a short fight with the ship with cannon shots at the end you will be rewarded with a nice chest full of bars and diamonds.
The music is the same as you have already heard in the previous game, pleasant to listen to and seems to me suitable for the pirate theme.
After the adventures spent with the accursed captain on the ship "Flying Dutchman" Catherine finally has a boat of her own and interesting quests to go in search of new chests and precious objects.
Unfortunately, when he returns home after many adventures, he does not find anyone who welcomes him in a festive way, but he realizes that something bad has happened. the village is taken over by the terrible pirate Blackbeard!
Chaterine is determined to stop this mess and restore the islands to their splendor, but it seems an impossible mission because Barbarossa is very powerful with the sword of Ocean Fury.
What can be done then?
There would be a method there is a legendary weapon capable of countering this sword, our Catherine immediately sets out on a research journey knowing that she will have to face many dangers and battles to win again.
If you have played the first story, don't miss this new Pirate adventure!
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