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Carp Fishing Simulator

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Carp Fishing Simulator aims to be the most advanced, authentic fishing experience on the market.

Are you tired of not being able to cast where you want?

Tired of having a time limit?

Tired of being told by the announcer to lower the line tension?

Tired of information that you wouldn't know in real life given to you on the user interface?

Tired of catching fish after fish, no matter what you do?

Then Carp Fishing Simulator is for you!

Some of the features include:All tackle, equipment, venues & species unlocked from the start, no grinding and no microtransactions!

  • 22 Different species of fish to catch, including Pike, Perch & Barbel

  • 15 Different Venues, some based on real life venues

  • 21 Different rigs, including rigs from Choice Rigs & JPrecision Hooks

  • 42 Different Baits, including bait from real companies DNA Bait & Active Bait

  • Real Time of day - Real accurate Time of day or night.

  • Real Dynamic weather - Changeable weather conditions taken from the real world location of the venues.

  • Seasons - Depending on the month you fish, you'll see seasonal changes which also affect the water/air temperature.

  • Full character customisation - Don't just choose a character, make your own!

  • Real AI - Fish are all completely controlled by complex AI, They are released in to the lake and do their own thing. No behaviour is pre-programmed.

  • Online multiplayer
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Carp Fishing Simulator mentions it's the most advanced authentic fishing sim on the market. They were not wrong. After playing recent games like Dovetail Fishing which seemed very arcade focused, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much of a simulation this game is. Time of day, weather and peg selection all play a huge role. Don't expect to catch a fish every time you cast, patience is required and if you want to hook the big ones some knowledge of bait, line and rig setups is huge plus.
With that said you don't need to be a professional either. Amateurs can randomly select bait, have a little patience and enjoy a relaxing day catching fish. I'm the first to admit many of the options went well over my own head as we catch mostly bream, barra and coastal fish in australia. Was still able to land a few 25 odd kilo carp, sizable catfish and plenty of smaller stuff which brought a smile to the dial. Far more then just carp fishing as well. At the moment the game contains several species of carp, catfish, bream, perch and tench with plans to add more species in future. Fish AI was a real highlight, all placed into the lake with no pre-scripted movements or behaviors. Releasing fish could use some tweaking but the catching part itself feels quite good.
Graphically speaking it's reasonable for a sim. Setting up your tent and lines around the nearest snag point on the lake while watching the sun slowly drop behind the hills can really help on those stressful days. Would like to see more detail added to the surrounds but it's passable. Fish all seem to be the one size, reeling animations and a few other things need work but nothing missing that's gamebreaking. One nice feature is the leaderboard which shows all the catches around the world and how you match up, in recent patches it now stores all these for future bragging rights to friends.
Other plans that I'm aware of is adding online multiplayer, different ways of fishing, new locations and character creation, along with tweaking and refining the whole experience of course. Carp Fishing Simulator can only get better from here and it's a game I can highly recommend keeping your eye on to any fishing or simulator enthusiast. Cheers folks and happy gaming/fishing. :)

Review from Steam

Great game in my opinion. If you can't get out in the real world; At least you can get out virtually ! It has awesome graphics and no doubt it will only get better. The first fun part is the Leader Boards, You are at war with this haha to catch the biggest species on each Species Leader Board. When multiplayer gets released, It will be so GOOD ! The current species in the game look so real. Another thing is, When there will be more lakes in the game; It will only make the game more enjoyable !! So if you can't get out on the bank in the real world, Then this is the game for you, HAVE FUN AND TIGHT LINES !

Review from Steam

Hooked on this game. Has great potential. Don't know how many people you have working on this but you need more. Hire some people and get it finished. This could easily be the best fishing game around. Keep up the good work.

Review from Steam

This game has great potential! This is really close to the real thing. Its still alpha so a lot can change

Review from Steam

Works great besides one of the pegs that is in the middle islands of the pond is glitched and when you walk over some pegs in the front where you spawn, you end up getting thrown in the air.

Review from Steam

Edit: Deleted previous negative review, updated on April 29, 2021. Kept comments from previous review below. Reason for change? Just view the Dev Logs videos.
Let bygones be bygones I say. If you're one of the people who bought Carp Fishing Simulator early on like myself, you can attest to how slow and limited the progress and updates to the Steam PC version of the game have been.
But, I encourage all those who may have been just too critical and actually personally attacking Derk the developer, to take a few minutes to view his recent Dev Blog videos posted here on Steam.
Derk, is a soft-spoken fellow, who is working on his own learning to navigate the difficult world of game development. His first Dev Log Video puts a human face to the project, and does explain real well why it's taking so long and why the game is at it's current state.
By and large, what he shows is the determination to make good on delivering to Steam PC users a game that we can enjoy. I've just recently downloaded the game after a couple years being away, and I can say it's actually fun.
Check out the Dev Log video, you'll most likely have a more positive outlook of the situation, of Dangerous Derk Interactive, and of Carp Fishing Simulator: Complete Edition.
Tight lines all.
This is what you're missing.

Review from Steam

just downloaded the v2 beta but had to revert back to the origernal has the v2 beta would load but controls were lagging to much on my laptop i will keep an eye on this version as i like the idear of being able to move the rods and rest were you like but is there any chance that the same updates for moveing things and player custumise setting beening added to the origernal game too as i love fishing and play this game alot..

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