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CALME Screenshot 1
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This game is a 3D action-adventure game in which the player explores a cliff town full of life and a dangerous Cloud sea that extends below the cliff.

One day, the protagonist, an apprentice Cloud sea hunter living in a small village, visits CALME, a town he has longed to visit. Through exploration of the town and its surrounding areas and encounters with its peculiar inhabitants, the player will unravel the mysteries of this place.

Features of the game

Exploring the town

Residents’ actions and the town’s landscapes seamlessly shift with in-game time to show the various faces of the town. By exploring the town, collecting items scattered around the map and solving gimmicks and puzzles, you will expand the areas you can go to.

The town is inhabited by unique residents of various ethnicities. A store owner unable to manage his store successfully, a writer who has lost his way in life, and children who are hungry for entertainment… Chat with them, sometimes help each other, and let the story unfold.

Exploring the Cloud sea

The Cloud sea below the cliff is filled with toxic fog, so a fog-proof mask is required and a time limit will be imposed.

You must proceed by hiding from Cloud sea creatures as much as possible, because killing in the Cloud sea will result in a deadly disease. If you still can’t help yourself, find a way to protect yourself from the threat by luring your prey with a rod and dumpling to stun or capture it, or by using other tools.

CALME is being developed by a small Japanese team, Doukutsu Penguin Club.

Penguins are trying desperately to do something in a cave. Why are they in a cave…? But it looks kind of fun…! We are such an indie game development team.

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