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Calcium Chaos: Derailed

Calcium Chaos: Derailed Screenshot 1
Calcium Chaos: Derailed Screenshot 3
Calcium Chaos: Derailed Screenshot 5

You play as a team of unlikely heroes who go on a journey by train, to stop the infestation of skeletons causing chaos in an otherwise average world. Along the way you must clear a path through the skeletons and prepare for the final battle by collecting weapons, recruiting NPC’s and buying upgrades for your train.

Collect silly weapons for your loadout

In a world of chaos you have to be creative and use whatever you can. Toasters, soda bottles or even a chicken can be useful against those boneheads.

Defeat invading skeleton societies

Skeletons are seeping in through the rifts from different societies to steal our cows and drink our milk. If that’s not a crime against humanity I don’t know what is.

Expand and upgrade your train

Gather train parts and upgrades so you are prepared to take on the Necromancer and his skeleton servants. Add some extra wagons to make space for NPCs that will join you on your journey.

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