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Bzzzt Screenshot 1
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Bzzzt is a beautiful pixel-art platformer highly inspired by games from the ’80s.

Experience a story-rich adventure with unexpected twists and help your creators Norbert and Emily to stop evil and completely mad professor Badbert from taking over the world.

    Game features

  • Various environments with ever-changing game mechanics.
  • Possibility of transferring your energy lifeform into other robotic bodies.
  • Precise and accessible controls.
  • Traps and enemies more insidious with every new stage.
  • Intense boss fights.
  • 50 stages with their own records to beat.

Pick a difficulty and choose a gameplay style that suits you the best. You can just enjoy the story without any rush or you can try insane mode with the authentic 80’s permadeath feature and check your gamepad ninja skills.You are the only person who can save the world!

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