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None working Online Multiplayer

Be aware that Online Multiplayer isn't working

About the GameButsbal is a fast paced shooter game inspired by pong. Play the four different game modes with or against friends in the local multiplayer. The clean and minimalist design puts the focus on the gameplay.

Players will carry up to 5 bullets and will receive a new bullet every 3 seconds or kill. Bullets fired by the players will travel at a constant velocity and will bounce against the borders. Which makes it a hectic but fun shooter. You always have to watch your back!


- 2 to 8 players local multiplayer

- 4 game modes: DM, TDM, CTF and Last Man Standing

- 8 different levels

- Xbox 360 controller supported

Multiplayer isn't working anymore, game will not be updated
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Seeing as theres no reviews here ill help.
Fun multiplayer game
Good Maps
Good multiplayer system
(a few gliches)
not many players
Overall 8.5/10 Its fun so far for me and my siblings maby give it some time. But with the new return policy I would get it!
This review will be updated as the game gets updated.

Review from Steam

"Nice little Unity PvP game that uses some pong physics"
That name sound like someone cannot speakout "football" the right way. But it makes quite fun.
Mostly 4 players play in small arenas with or without some obstacles for the win (arena chooses randomly). It has several game modes like deathmatch, last man standing and capture the flag. You can distinguish the players by color. Each player starts with 5 shoots which will be reloaded after time. The bullets fly around unless they hit someone or each other. Ofc there are some little AI issues but they didn't disturb me much. Also you cannot quit a match in the middle. You join the arena by space and add the bots by return. Thankfully the dev added those bots lately because practically the MP is dead. But now you can do all achievements with them. It's an entertaining game for one or two hours.
Gameplay Video - Last Man Standing

Review from Steam

I'll give this a positive review since its priced right. It is not a bad game at all but needs some attention.
1. Game doesn't have very good gamepad support. You can get through some menus with controller but you cant restart or go back to menu after a round. Also with my xbox one controller to add bots it says to use select unfortunatly select doesn't work but.. left stick button does add bots.
2. My second complaint is a bit more major.. exiting a game once already in a match... it doesnt allow it. I think alt f4 works.
3. Can't choose color of box/player icon thingy. also can't make profiles or add a name to your bot in local mp.
4. Not sure if you can even select the 3 diff maps manually or if they just rotate randomly. A few more maps would help... I don't think it would be that difficult, yet I am by far no means a game maker/developer lol.
The good is it has several different game modes and the capture the flag mode is fun even with just 2 players. Can't wait to try it local with 4 players. It has online multiplayer and overall its pretty fun playing with others. For all the negatives that I mentioned the short while I played it with a friend online was fun so I do recommend this game. Fun is what its all about.

Review from Steam

Multiplayer doesn't work.
It's painful to play.

Review from Steam

This is a very fun game to play with friends. My friend got 2 copies from a humble sale for just $1.20, and it was VERY worth it.
Here's my thoughts on the games pros and cons:
1. Face-paced multiplayer in matches that last 5 minutes
2. 3 different game modes to play
3. 2-8 player games, perfect to play with groups of friends
4. Audio seems to fit the game well
1. Physics can be a big buggy/laggy
2. Not many servers to randomly join (Highly suggested to play with friends)
I also think it is a bit highly priced at $3, but definitely get it if it is on sale.

Review from Steam

This game is very fun to play with friends and also very fun for streamers to play with their viewers. The game is very fast paced, easy for other people to join you, and entertaining overall. Would be great to see this game get more players.
I think the maps need to be made larger because right now the game is partially luck based.

Review from Steam

It's a fun game to play with your friends
Don't buy it though if you have no one to play with , because there are currently no players playing this game actively right now
It needs a little tweaks and fixes , but with a little attention from the developer/s I'm sure this can become a really cool game.

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