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Bunker 21 Extended Edition

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Bunker 21 is a first-person storytelling action game. Our hero Andrei finds himself in a world where all people have disappeared.

The main character is left alone. He goes on a journey in search of answers. He will have to fight terrible monsters and unravel the mysteries that the mysterious Bunker 21 hides.

- Weapon. In the game you have to find various weapons to fight aggressive mutants - victims of secret experiments.

- Fascinating storyline. Amazing characters and interesting puzzles fill the world of the game. 6 chapters that our hero must go through in order to survive.

- Puzzles. The hero will solve puzzles, collect resources and read notes that will shed light on what is happening in the dead world.

Diverse gameplay and unique style allowed us to create a unique game that will give you an amazing adventure

Welcome to the new world!
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