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Build ‘n Bump

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Inspired by the classic DOS game Jump 'n Bump, Build 'n Bump retains all of the same head-stomping, multiplayer fun with a twist. You can build your own levels right before you play on them! The game features:

  • 2-6 players simultaneously (4 controllers, 2 on keyboard)

  • Local and online* multiplayer

  • Five block types to build with (regular, spring, platform, spike, and dissolving)

  • Unlimited number of save slots for levels

  • Extra "hats" folder to import custom images into the game

  • Practice mode against stationary targets

  • "Level master" mode where one player edits the level in real-time while everyone else fights

* Note: The online mode is limited to one connection between two computers. Familiarity with port forwarding is required; there is no dedicated server or lobby.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great 2D multi-player Brawler, the main objective is to jump over your opponents head, no power-ups and no attacks. clean and easy to use menus to setup matches, fast and fluid level builder and you are able to save your favorite created levels to use them again. controls are tight and responsive. overall the game is really fun and i can see myself playing it again and again and having some laughs with my friends and family when playing it.
P.S. as you can read in the game's description, the online play setup is not that simple though and might be a little tricky for people who has little knowledge about computers and networking.

Review from Steam

As the information said, this is a head-stomping brawler game.
The game can only be played multiplayer (2-6 players).
In Build 'n Bump, you will need to build the level first before stomping head.
This is indeed a great small fun game to play with your friends.
Too bad I can't enjoy this game because I can only play it in single player.
In this type of game what makes it good/bad is the community that played it.

Review from Steam

I think that Build n Bump is a great game however, I think that it is hard to play multiplayer. I think there should be an option to invite friends so that I can do that without having to create or join a server. I think that in the future if things are layed out like this it could be great. Set it up like Castle Crashers or Monaco with a private option and a invite friends option.

Review from Steam

If you remember this game from Xbox 360 Indie, you're considered a friend of mine.

Review from Steam

Awsom for split screen fun with friend

Review from Steam

Build 'n Bump is a game where one can build a level and play/fight on it. There are various teams and bots to choose from, though a limited selection, it is a small game. The game stands out in local multiplyer, as the game can provide up to six players at a time;two with keyboard and four with controllers. It has Xbox 360 controller support. The game may be fun to play, but gets stale with a lack of people to play with. The game itself is a nice concept and would look forward for future updates.

Review from Steam

If you like to jump on your friends but dont wanna hurt them this is the game for you!

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