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Build & Battle

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Project Status

This project is not being further developed and being released in its playable prototype status.

Many years ago this project was being developed full time by myself and after running out of resource i could not continue to work on it. At some point it was greenlit (Back in the days) and now, years later, i decided to release the game for free as it has a fun built and i want to share my old work with some people interested in playing this strange mix of a turn based base building tower defense game. I hope you have fun and if though share your story with me, i would be delighted!

    Prototype Status
  • Playable campaign progression with save games

  • No main menu, just exit with ALT+F4

  • World Map not finished visually

  • Many towers, upgrades, enemy types and lots of content available

  • Runs fine technically, no real critical bugs i could find

  • Replay value with the maps, it shows a little number if you lost some lifes and you can replay them to do better

About the Game

Build&Battle is a turn-based tower defense with classic rts base building elements.

Build your maze of towers, lay out your plan of attack and execute it with the next turn.

Build&Battle plays in a fantasy world where a kingdom suffers the fate of loosing their energy crystal that protects them of hundreds of years.

With the crystals final pieces shattering to the ground it releases one last burst of energy opening portals to other worlds.

You have to enter this portals and find out how to restore the crystal of power.

Unlock, build and upgrade structures to expand your economy.

New resources allow you to build better towers.


  • Singleplayer campaign

    Travel through a jungle on an unkown world and master your arsenal of towers and upgrades in six lengthy levels.

  • Tower defense - turn based strategy mix

  • Many enemy types that require different strategies to overcome

  • Action points ability system

  • Base building, economy management and tower upgrades
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

pretty fun solo project
my experience:
i was looking for some Tower Defense and find this game, read info about development and then releasing for free to share with ppl.
its really not my taste of graphics, but why not at least try it.
30MB? O_o ..oh my.. it will be bad and short, but lets give it a chance
first level: ok, its not bad
third level: this damn... ok, restart level and new strategy :)
fifth level (or so): catapults, but why they are.. ah..rotate
i had really fun! its actually pretty nice indie game
its not something extra, but its worth it to try this combination of turn based strategy and tower defense

Review from Steam

I love this game so much!! 8,7/10
This game is a underrated masterpiece wish more people need to try out and support!!
Let me go though the pro's and con's:
-Amazing Art style that kinda reminds me of Age of Empire's when it first came out (1999)
-It's a traditional Tower Defence type game
-The game mechanics are really smooth and easy if you can adapt to it..(more on that later)
the game will let you learn on your own
-No in game purchases
-Super Fun and rewarding, you feel real the progress when you succeed in a level
-It's a underrated Masterpiece
-it's free
-Just try it!
-The game preforms a bit slower when at the main menu (I think it's because of the mist in the background the developer should maybe check on that)
-Can't move the camera with the mouse normally only the middle scroller by your mouse and arrow keys to move (also clicking on the map like Age of Empire's but..that's not effective, I am fine with the arrow key's but would prefer the mouse)
-The lack of a tutorial or a guide given won't help with first impressions of the game overall
-I must admit it the music get's little tiring after a while
Other than than that the game is truly entertaining and is a worth a try! :D

**************!!(SECRET BONUS ADVISE)!!*******************************************
Congrats you have unlocked BONUS ADVISE!
To beat level 3 you need to play the previous levels again but don't complete!Because you need to build up AP (Action Points) which will really help you deal some damage in Lv 3.
Also I would recommend saving to 100AP to be safe(It's probably possible without AP but it does help) and also when your starting Lv.3 don't immediately set up defence, you need wood and a-lot of it to build more structures (strategically of course) and finally be aware that you can upgrade your tower's up to Level 3 which will do more damage and will have a bigger range

Review from Steam

Works in Proton.
This is actually pretty fun - I'm sad this was never fully completed/left prototyping.
There's a lot not explained: Towers that are level 2 and higher have abilities you can cast for AP.
Catapults have to be rotated (Also, their graphic made me think they were just some rocks on the ground)
But even so, I'm really enjoying this little game. I've never seen a turn based tower defense, and while it certainly has a few bugs (Occasionally a unit will get stuck in an invulnerable, untargettable, non-moving state causing you to restart the game.) I still think it's worth giving a try.
The graphics are growing on me, but they're often not very clear.
There's a solid game in here. Thanks for sharing it!

Review from Steam


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