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Bugs From Space

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Bugs From Space is a fast-paced VR arcade shooter. Players fire guns, shoot energy bows, and toss explosive spears to defend the Human Federation from an infestation of Bugs From Space. You can go it alone in single-player mode, or play with up to four friends in online co-op mode to blast those bugs into oblivion. The bugs can shoot back, so don't forget to duck!

This sci-fi game has campaign and infinite-wave modes and takes place in the distant future. In the 25th century, the Human Federation has spread throughout the Galaxy and is under attack from an intelligent alien species that is intent on infesting the Universe.

You play as a Human Federation soldier, and missions include defending your base against bug attacks and securing a psionic slug until the extraction team arrives. You receive new weapons as you progress through each level, including guns, different arrows for the energy bow, and throwables such as fission grenades and futuristic spears. Enemy bugs spit projectiles that you can either try and shoot down, or dodge. Between dodging, throwing, shooting bows, and firing guns, this is a physically active game, so make sure your play space is clear of obstacles.

Also, Bugs From Space is a room-scale VR game that maximizes comfort and minimizes risk of VR sickness by using teleportation to move between battle stations, with all other movement based on the player's real world movement.

The game will be released in early access, so watch for new content, weapons, boss fights, and more!
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