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Bone Lover – Horror Escape

Bone Lover – Horror Escape Screenshot 1
Bone Lover – Horror Escape Screenshot 3
Bone Lover – Horror Escape Screenshot 5

Hide & seek game with horror elements. Get into the role of kidnapped teenagers, and escape the psychopath’s house. Look for items that will help you get out. Will you succeed, or will the characters meet their doom?

Explore the house, look for notes and learn more about your kidnapper. Use the acquired knowledge to change the course of events. Make choices that will help other victims. Or, perhaps, hurt them?

Description of gameplay:

You play as one of the victims that the maniac caught and locked in his house. Your task is to use all means at hand to get out of the house, and also not to let the maniac understand that you are trying to escape, because he checks all objects and comes to you if he hears something wrong. If he notices that some object is not in its place, for example, an open door, he will punish for trying to escape. You have only three attempts to escape. Try to leave some items for other, future victims and maybe they can escape.

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