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Bolt Action

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A small zombie shooter that requires both twitch and strategic skills, and a sense of humor...One genetically enhanced man along with an inept, insulting, and cowardly scientist must save the World from his evil twin brother and the mutated hordes! Strategically use weapons including a heavy cannon, quad-barrel shotgun, nodachi samurai sword, and a Mantis™ caltrop along with the environment itself to defeat the tireless, invading monstrosities.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Supper funny shooter!
Would love a sequel!

Review from Steam

It is a funny shooting game and I enjoyed every bit of it. I beat this game on my 2nd try, so this game is quite easy to learn and play. I haven't had any major problems so far. The art looks pretty unique and stylish. I like how all the zombies have their own names. I would like it if I could hold down the mouse button to fire continuously instead of clicking once for every shot. Must play game for anyone who likes these kinds of funny games.

Review from Steam

Silly game with an interesting art style. I died a lot and laughed at the jokes. I wish the shotgun were a weapon that was available consistently. I liked Frankie when he was squishing zombies but sometimes he just wanders around taking in the sights.

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