Where to Find Clay in Soulmask

Where to Find Clay in Soulmask

The new Soulmask project encourages you to survive in a vast primordial world, where your gathering skills will be invaluable. One of the very important materials that can be challenging to collect is clay. In this guide, we will help you find it.

How to Collect Clay

As strange as it may sound, clay in Soulmask is not a rare resource. You can find it near almost any body of water, regardless of its size. Simply study the map and head to the nearest water source. But how do you spot it in the environment?

This is where the main difficulty lies. In similar genre games, we are used to clay being a type of soil that needs to be dug up with a shovel. However, the developers of Soulmask have a surprise for us.

Clay Boulder
Clay Boulder

To collect clay in Soulmask, you need to use a pickaxe. As mentioned earlier, once you reach a body of water, you can find large boulders on its shore. Their color can range from gray to brown, but they always have a "wet" sheen.

What to Do with the Collected Clay

Once you successfully gather clay, new opportunities will open up for you. Clay is an important building material that can be used to create various items and structures necessary for the survival and development of your settlement.

Clay is also needed to craft a well
Clay is also needed to craft a well
  • Creating Explosives and Incendiary Weapons: Clay can be used to make certain types of explosives. It gives them the ability to stick to objects, allowing for additional targeted damage.
  • Workbenches, Furnaces, Crafting Tables: Clay is needed to build items that will be useful for processing metals and cooking food. These structures will help you create more complex tools and weapons, as well as process other resources.
  • Base Improvement: Use clay to reinforce the walls of your settlement, making them more resistant to attacks from wild animals and hostile tribes. The stronger your settlement, the better your chances of survival in this harsh world.


In Soulmask, every resource plays a unique role, and clay is no exception. Proper use of this material will allow you to build a strong and thriving settlement. Remember to search the shores of water bodies and use a pickaxe to collect clay. Keep in mind that your survival and success depend on how effectively you can use the resources available to you. Good luck in your adventure, and may your clan become the most powerful in this primordial world!

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