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Ways to Talk to Animals in Baldur’s Gate 3


As you delve into the realm of Baldur's Gate 3, one of the most captivating opportunities is the ability to communicate with Animals, who are full-fledged participants in this universe's narrative. A single misplaced remark or an underdeveloped character trait can rob you of essential parts of the story. Let's explore how to engage with these enigmatic beings and unravel their mysteries.

Enigmatic Magic of Conversation

Every animal that populates the world of Faerûn comes to life through magic. Interacting with them is like conversing with mysterious keepers of knowledge. Your character, armed with a specific spell or having consumed a potion, can interact with squirrels, rabbits, and other denizens of the animal kingdom, engage in arguments, exchange opinions, and even engage in quarrels. However, to fully immerse yourself in this world of mysteries, certain skills are required.

Various Animals in the Game
Various Animals in the Game

Special Languages of Dialogue

There are instances where interacting with animals is possible even without knowing their languages. For instance, you can calm a dog in the starting location and invite it to your camp, despite the lack of a common tongue. Nevertheless, by uncovering the thoughts and motives of these smaller brethren, you unlock a realm of fascinating secrets and wisdom.

Exploring Unique Pathways

Druid Halsein
Druid Halsein

The process of communicating with Animals in Baldur's Gate 3 boasts multiple facets. There exists the magical spell "Speak with Animals," available in the early stages of the game. Alternatively, you can employ a specific potion with similar properties. Both potions and magical abilities remain active until a long rest, which corresponds to a single in-game day. Equally important is the third method — the ability to transform into an animal. This offers the chance to inhabit the world of animals, comprehending their motives and thoughts. Each transformation becomes a unique experience.

Secret Subclasses and Arts

To master the magic of communication, you must pay attention to your character's subclasses. Druids, Rangers, and Warlocks possess the necessary magic by default. However, Barbarians, Bards, and Paladins also have the opportunity to acquire the skill of communicating with Animals by selecting suitable subclasses and specializations. Warlocks, in particular, can interact with animals by investing in Beast Speech as part of their otherworldly invocations. Additionally, this skill is innate for the Forest Gnomes, granting them a unique form of communication.

Astarion and Bear Druid
Astarion and Bear Druid

Secrets and Wisdom

Communicating with Animals in Baldur's Gate 3 is more than just a game mechanic; it's a way to delve into the story of Faerûn and unlock its mysteries through dialogues with beings whose voices often go unheard. In this game, every creature, every bird, is a carrier of wisdom, art, and history. Unveil their secrets, and the world of Baldur's Gate 3 will become richer and more vibrant, revealing unique paths and interactions.

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