Taming Alpacas in Soulmask

Taming Alpacas in Soulmask

In the expansive and intricate world of Soulmask, efficient transportation is crucial for exploring its vast landscapes. While traversing on foot might initially seem appealing, riding a fluffy alpaca proves to be a far superior option. This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to locate, capture, and tame an alpaca, turning it into your reliable travel companion.

The Advantages of an Alpaca Companion

Alpacas in Soulmask are not just adorable creatures; they are incredibly practical. They offer a high carrying capacity, which is essential for transporting numerous items and resources. Moreover, the process of finding and taming an alpaca adds a layer of excitement and depth to the gameplay, making the journey even more enjoyable.

Optimal Locations to Find Alpacas in Soulmask

While alpacas can be found throughout the map, beginners will find it easiest to secure one in either the Claw Tribe Camp or the Highlands.

Capturing an Alpaca in the Claw Tribe Camp

Claw Tribe Camp and Highlands
Claw Tribe Camp and Highlands

For those looking for a straightforward way to obtain an alpaca, the Claw Tribe Camp is an excellent starting point. Follow these steps to capture an alpaca:

  1. Begin Your Quest: Start from the spawn point and make your way towards the Claw Tribe Camp.
  2. Prepare for Combat: Be ready to fight through the left side of the camp. Ensure you have adequate weapons and armor. If you're using stone gear, proceed with extra caution.
  3. Combat Strategy: Focus on eliminating support enemies first, as they can ignite a bonfire to summon reinforcements. This strategy will simplify the battle.
  4. Finding the Alpaca: After defeating the enemies, search for animal cages within the camp. You will find alpacas in one of these cages. Break open the cage and carefully approach the baby alpaca. Be cautious of the mother alpaca, who might become
  5. Returning Home: Carry the baby alpaca back to your base. If you encounter any threats, set the alpaca down temporarily to deal with the enemies, then pick it up again. aggressive.

Trapping an Alpaca in the Wild

For those who prefer a more natural approach, the Highlands above the Mysterious Portal is an ideal location for capturing wild alpacas.

Highlands Area
Highlands Area
  1. Using an Animal Trap: To trap an alpaca, use a medium animal trap with corn as bait. Unlock the trap recipe under the Animal Breeding section and gather the necessary logs to craft it.
  2. Stealth Approach: When you spot an alpaca, enter stealth mode to approach it without being detected. The Life Perception skill can be very helpful here, highlighting all living creatures nearby.
  3. Setting the Trap: Place the trap on the ground and add the corn. Move away to avoid startling the alpaca. Once the alpaca enters the trap and it closes, approach and select "Capture" to secure your new companion.
  4. Returning Home: Take the captured alpaca back to your base and provide the necessary care for its growth.

Taming Your Alpaca in Soulmask

Tamed Alpaca
Tamed Alpaca

Once you have captured an alpaca, the next step is to ensure it receives proper care to grow strong and become a valuable companion.

  1. Create a Safe Enclosure: Place the alpaca in a secure, fenced area to prevent it from wandering off.
  2. Provide Food and Water: Feed the alpaca corn or pumpkin, which can be found in various camps. Make sure it has a constant supply of water.
  3. Monitor Growth: Regularly feed and water the alpaca to help it grow. Use the interface to monitor its growth and overall health.
  4. Track Development: Check the alpaca's progress through its designated tab to keep an eye on its development and stats.

Riding Your Alpaca in Soulmask

When your alpaca is fully grown, follow these steps to ride it and enjoy its benefits:

  1. Craft a Saddle: Unlock the saddle crafting option in the Technology Tree under Leather Gear. To craft a saddle, you will need ten leather ropes, ten coarse cotton pieces, and ten normal leather pieces.
  2. Equip the Saddle: Approach your fully grown alpaca and equip it with the saddle to prepare for riding.
  3. Enjoy the Benefits: While alpacas may not be the fastest mounts in the game, they offer excellent carrying capacity. This feature is particularly useful for transporting large amounts of items, including portal pieces for fast travel.

In summary, an alpaca in Soulmask is not only a charming companion but also a practical asset for efficient transportation and resource management. By following this guide, you can easily find, capture, and tame an alpaca, enhancing your gaming experience and making your adventures more productive and enjoyable.

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