Soulmask Tips: Best Locations for Your Base

Soulmask Tips: Best Locations for Your Base

"Soulmask" is an immersive indie survival game that thrusts players into the role of a character who narrowly escapes a human sacrifice ritual and stumbles upon an ancient mask. As players navigate the challenging landscape of this mysterious world, establishing well-placed bases is crucial for survival and progression. This guide provides detailed strategies for building effective starter, resource, and leveling bases to ensure players thrive in the game.

Understanding Bases in Soulmask

Bases serve as the cornerstone of survival in "Soulmask," functioning as the epicenter for tribe development. Selecting a strategic location is vital, as it impacts resource availability and security. A well-chosen base allows players to gather essential materials, craft items, and upgrade their starting mask efficiently. Furthermore, a base equipped with a campfire acts as a revival point and a resource collection hub for tribesmen. While players can construct multiple bases, focusing on an optimal initial base is essential for a strong start.

Optimal Starter Base

The most advantageous starting base is situated near a small lake, conveniently close to the player’s initial spawn point. This prime location offers immediate access to critical resources such as water and clay. The surrounding forests provide ample trees, bushes, stones, and small game for hunting, ensuring a steady supply of materials and food. Moreover, this area is relatively free from threats, making it a safe haven for beginners.

Location for an Optimal Starting Base
Location for an Optimal Starting Base

Despite its numerous benefits, this starter base is limited in scope. Players will need to venture out to acquire additional resources like various ores and cotton, and to explore the game's Ancient Ruins. However, its safety and accessibility make it an ideal initial setup for new players.

Resource-Rich Base

For players looking to amass a wealth of resources, the best location is northwest of the initial base. This area is a treasure trove of essential materials, including water, clay, trees, bushes, stones, and valuable metals like iron and tin. The abundance of resources in this location provides a substantial advantage, enabling players to craft advanced items and progress rapidly.

Location for a Resource-Rich Base
Location for a Resource-Rich Base

However, the resource-rich environment comes with inherent risks. Predators such as alligators and jaguars inhabit this area, necessitating robust defensive structures to protect the base and its inhabitants. Despite these challenges, the resource base's strategic advantages outweigh the risks, making it a highly desirable location for experienced players.

Optimal Leveling Base

Players aiming to level up swiftly should consider establishing a base at the river’s end, near the starting area. This location is strategically positioned close to multiple Ancient Ruins and a high concentration of enemies, offering abundant opportunities for combat experience and leveling. The proximity to Ancient Ruins also provides access to rare resources and valuable artifacts, further enhancing player progression.

Location for a Leveling Base
Location for a Leveling Base

Nevertheless, the leveling base presents significant dangers. The constant threat of enemy attacks requires heightened vigilance and fortified defenses to ensure the safety of tribesmen. Despite these hazards, the potential for rapid leveling makes this base location a strategic choice for players focused on character development.


In "Soulmask," establishing well-chosen bases is crucial for survival and success. The starter base near the small lake offers safety and essential resources for beginners. The resource-rich base to the northwest provides a wealth of materials but demands strong defenses against predators. Finally, the leveling base near the river's end offers unparalleled opportunities for rapid progression, albeit with increased risk.

By strategically selecting and developing these bases, players can navigate the challenges of "Soulmask," ensuring their survival and triumph in this captivating indie survival game. Each base serves a unique purpose, contributing to a comprehensive strategy that balances resource acquisition, safety, and character development.

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