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Remnant 2: How to Open the Chest with a Combination Lock in Block-13


The creators of Remnant 2 have enriched the gameplay with intriguing puzzles, adding diversity to the battles with bosses and other enemies. One such puzzle is the chest with a combination lock in Block-13, which offers an important reward in the form of the MP60-R submachine gun. We will explain how to solve this puzzle and acquire the new weapon for your arsenal.

Where to find the chest

Room Location
Room Location

The chest can be found in Ford's room, located on the second floor of the central building in Block-13. The chest appears after Ford's disappearance. The standard code for the chest is 0415. However, you can only use it if you have found the code yourself. The developers do not provide any hints regarding the code's location. Nevertheless, solving this puzzle is not overly difficult.

Where to find the code

Use your flashlight to inspect it, and on the bottom, you will find the code for the chest.

Code for the Chest
Code for the Chest

After entering the password, open the chest and collect the key to the cargo hold.

What to do if the chest does not open

After correctly entering the combination, there is a possibility of encountering a bug where the chest does not open. To resolve this, you need to re-enter the Block-13 location.

How to acquire the weapon

Now that you have the key, head to the farthest corner of the Block-13 location, pass through the port area with containers, and find the locked door. Use the key to open it and discover the MP60-R submachine gun on the table inside.

Cargo Hold
Cargo Hold

This weapon boasts high rate of fire and good damage, making it an excellent choice for the beginning of the game and for successful progress ahead. So, do not miss the chance to obtain it and use it in your adventures in the world of Remnant 2.

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