Quest “Hunter’s Loom” in Enshrouded

Quest “Hunter’s Loom” in Enshrouded

In the world of gaming adventures, every step toward survival holds significant importance in "Enshrouded." One of the key aspects ensuring your protection and satisfaction of various needs is crafting. The Loom, as a crucial tool in creating fabrics, apparel, and other essential items, takes center stage in this system.

Where to Find the Loom

The gameplay mechanics of "Enshrouded" are built around a clear example of finding and utilizing the Loom. Players receive a task from the Hunter after freeing him from the Ancient Vault. This NPC provides crucial blueprints, the first backpack, and other survival essentials.

Eastern Lapis on the map
Eastern Lapis on the map

However, the most valuable aspect of the relationship with the Hunter is his subsequent quest to find the Loom. To do this, players need to journey to East Lapis, located on the eastern edge of the map. It's essential to remember that to initiate this quest, players must first encounter the Hunter in the Ancient Vault, situated to the east of Braelyn Bridge.

Completing the Loom Quest in "Enshrouded" involves traveling to East Lapis Town, where the Loom resides in the Weaver's Cottage on the eastern part of the ruined town. This journey is part of a larger gameplay strategy, and we recommend players utilize available tools for quick navigation, such as "Ancient Spire – Nomad Highlands."

Purpose of the Loom

It's important to note that the Loom is not only necessary for creating fabrics but also utilized in crafting padding and advanced armor. Fabric produced with the Loom becomes a key component of over 50 items in the game, requiring just five units of Linen to manufacture.

Hunter's Loom
Hunter's Loom

From Warlock Gloves to Padding, each clothing item in "Enshrouded" demands careful planning and resource utilization. Therefore, we advise players to act promptly to acquire the Loom as soon as possible and commence crafting essential items for more effective survival and success in the game.

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