How to Recruit Mintara Without Extra Kills in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Recruit Mintara Without Extra Kills in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you have a desire to recruit Minthara into your party, you'll need to make an important decision. The game strongly nudges you towards a sinister choice – attacking the grove, thus destroying the Druids and Tiefs. This decision undoubtedly leads to losing two allies and a captivating plotline.

In this article, we will delve into the process of attracting Minthara while avoiding bloodshed.

Impact of murders on the plot

If you wish to have Minthara join your team without forfeiting content, unfortunately, you'll have to bypass the conflict in the Grove and part ways with one of the key companions of the game – Druid Halsin. This seems to be the only viable approach at the moment. Thus, you can add Minthara while preserving your character's positive reputation and logical progression of events in the second chapter.

Minthara and  Druid Halsin
Minthara and  Druid Halsin

Upon arriving in the Grove, promptly free the captive Goblin, and then proceed with her to the goblin camp. She will ensure your secure access and aid in infiltrating the camp.

Upon reaching the goblin camp, approach Minthara, maintain neutrality, and when she urges you to attack the grove, exercise caution. Refrain from making a decision; instead, inform her you have unfinished business.

With this approach, you can carry out all necessary tasks in the current location, ensuring not to initiate any conflicts with the Tieflings in the grove or trigger quests related to rescuing the Tieflings and finding the druid.

Transitioning to the Next Act

While searching for the cure, you will receive information about the caves beneath the temple. This is crucial. If your character is unaware of these caves, how could they transition to the second act? Thus, after calculations, it became apparent that information about the caves will soon become available.


It's worth noting that a method exists to add Minthara through console commands after completing the Grove and moving on to the second act. This approach works – everything functions seamlessly in the third act. Minthara integrates well with the companions and offers commentary on events, even providing her own quests.


Following this approach to recruiting Minthara, you'll lose Druid as a companion and, consequently, won't be able to heal the Shadow Druid Grove. Everything else remains unchanged. Hopefully, this guide assists those seeking to add Minthara to their team while staying on the path of righteousness.

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