How to Obtain and Ride a Jaguar in Soulmask

How to Obtain and Ride a Jaguar in Soulmask

In the immersive survival game, Soulmask, the thrill of capturing and riding exotic mounts adds a unique layer of excitement to the gameplay. Whether you're journeying through dense forests, scaling rugged mountains, or traversing vast plains, having a formidable companion by your side is invaluable. Among the plethora of animals you can tame and ride, the Jaguar stands out as a rare and prestigious mount. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully tame and ride a Jaguar, enhancing your Soulmask experience.

What Makes the Jaguar Unique?

While the game offers various mounts like wolves, bears, and elephants, the Jaguar is an exceptional addition due to its rarity and the thrill of the chase. Riding a Jaguar not only boosts your mobility but also adds an element of prestige among fellow players. Here's a detailed guide on how to tame this majestic creature.

Step 1: Initiate the Taming Minigame

The journey to tame a Jaguar begins with a minigame, an engaging method that requires skill and patience. Unlike other mounts, you can't simply capture a Jaguar. Instead, you must initiate the taming process by triggering a specific sequence of events.

  • Locate Jaguar Spawn Areas: First, identify areas where Jaguars spawn regularly. These zones are usually marked by dense foliage and high prey density.
  • Eliminate Low-Level Jaguars: Once you locate the area, eliminate all Jaguars below level 35. This step is crucial as it sets the stage for the appearance of a high-level Jaguar, your primary target.
  • Scan for Footprints: After clearing the area, use your Soulmask to scan for Jaguar footprints. Collecting these tracks is essential as they lead to the spawn of a high-level Jaguar.

Step 2: Track the High-Level Jaguar


Once the high-level Jaguar appears, the next phase involves careful observation and tracking.

  • Observe Hunting Behavior: Follow the Jaguar discreetly. It will eventually hunt, kill, and bring food to its kitten. This natural behavior showcases the maternal instincts of the Jaguar and provides an opportunity for you to prepare for the next steps.

Step 3: Set Up Traps

Required Traps
Required Traps

With the Jaguar's hunting ground identified, it's time to set up traps to capture the kitten.

  • Place Baited Traps: Set up multiple traps baited with fish or meat around the area. The randomness of the kitten's movements necessitates having several traps to increase your chances of success.
  • Surround the Area: Position 5-10 traps around the target zone to ensure the kitten falls into one of them.

Step 4: Capture the Kitten

The pivotal moment arrives when the kitten falls into one of your traps.

  • Approach Carefully: Once trapped, approach the kitten slowly. Aim through the bars and wait for the capture prompt to appear.
  • Capture the Kitten: Execute the capture and secure the Jaguar kitten, marking the culmination of the taming process.

Step 5: Raise and Saddle Your Jaguar

Jaguar Taming Process
Jaguar Taming Process

With the kitten in your possession, the next steps involve nurturing and equipping your new mount.

  • Feed and Care: Regularly feed the Jaguar kitten until it matures into an adult. This process strengthens your bond and prepares the Jaguar for riding.
  • Craft a Jaguar Saddle: Simultaneously, craft a Jaguar saddle. Once the Jaguar reaches adulthood, equip it with the saddle to transform it into a rideable mount.

Important Considerations

Currently, the Jaguar mount in Soulmask does not participate in battles. Its primary function is transportation, offering swift and stylish movement across the game world. However, future updates might enhance its capabilities, potentially adding combat functionalities.


Taming and riding a Jaguar in Soulmask is a rewarding endeavor that combines strategy, patience, and skill. By following these detailed steps, you can secure one of the game's most prestigious mounts, enhancing your adventure and gaining a unique companion. As you traverse the expansive landscapes of Soulmask, your Jaguar will be a testament to your prowess and dedication in the game.

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