How to Improve the Mood of Tribe Members in Soulmask

How to Improve the Mood of Tribe Members in Soulmask

In the intricate world of Soulmask, managing the happiness and productivity of your tribesmen is crucial for the success of your tribe. A content tribe is not only more efficient but also more loyal, reducing the risk of dissent or desertion. Here’s an in-depth look at how to optimize your tribesmen’s mood and ensure the seamless operation of your tribe in Soulmask.

The Importance of Mood in Soulmask

A tribesman's mood directly impacts their work efficiency and learning rate in Soulmask. When morale is low, tribesmen become less productive and slower at acquiring new skills, which can hinder your tribe's progress. Moreover, a low mood adversely affects Recognition, the metric that gauges how well the tribe acknowledges you as their Chief. If Recognition drops too far, your tribesmen may become discontented, leading to unproductiveness or even abandonment of the tribe.

Factors Influencing Mood

Several elements influence the mood of your tribesmen:

  1. Comfortable Living Conditions: A warm environment, cozy accommodations, and specific foods contribute significantly to a positive mood. Hay cushions also add to their comfort.
  2. Balanced Workload: Overworking your tribesmen without adequate rest will decrease their mood. Ensure to pause or cancel work tasks periodically to allow for sufficient rest.
  3. Food and Drink: High-quality meals and beverages can uplift spirits.
  4. Injury and Harsh Conditions: Battle injuries, extreme cold, and harsh living conditions can severely dampen morale.
  5. Individual Traits: Each tribesman’s personal traits can also affect their mood.

Strategies to Boost Mood

To maintain a high morale within your tribe, consider the following strategies:

Maintaining Warmth

A primary bonfire is essential to provide enough warmth. Ensure it is adequately covered to retain heat. Supplementary campfires and torches around the base can also contribute to a warm and inviting environment.

Providing Delicious Meals

Cook Delicious Meals for the Tribe
Cook Delicious Meals for the Tribe

Cooking specific meals can significantly boost your tribesmen’s mood. Here are some recipes that are particularly effective:

  • Juice: Requires Water, a Cup, and two Guava, Pineapple, Banana, or Wild Fruit. Juice is highly beneficial early in the game due to the abundance of Wild Fruit.
  • Fruit Kebab: Needs five Fresh Meat, two Banana, and two Pineapple.
  • Hot Cocoa: Consists of Water, two Cocoa Powder, two Chili, and one Cup.
  • Pumpkin Salad: Made with two Pumpkin, two Salsa, and one Chili.

As you advance in the tech tree, more cooking recipes will become available. These recipes often indicate whether they have mood-enhancing properties.

To effectively utilize these meals, craft large quantities of Juice and distribute small stacks to each tribesman. They will automatically consume it when thirsty, thereby gradually improving the tribe’s overall mood. Note that Juice decays 24 hours after brewing, so timely consumption is essential.

Crafting Comfortable Furniture

Initially, your options for furnishings are limited to basic beds and grass mats. However, as you progress in the tech tree, especially in sections labeled “Building,” you’ll unlock new furniture recipes.

Comfortable and Cozy Furniture Boosts Mood
Comfortable and Cozy Furniture Boosts Mood

A critical milestone is reaching Awareness Strength level 15, which unlocks the Furniture option in the Medium Building section. This enables the crafting of more sophisticated furniture such as Dining Tables, chairs, larger beds, improved lighting options, and even an Outhouse. These upgrades significantly enhance the living conditions of your tribesmen, contributing to their overall happiness.

Balancing Work and Rest

To prevent burnout, it’s crucial to balance the workload of your tribesmen. Regularly scheduled breaks and a reduction in strenuous tasks during adverse conditions (like cold weather) can help maintain a positive mood. Observing your tribesmen and adjusting their tasks based on their current state can lead to more effective and happier workers.


Managing your tribe in Soulmask requires a careful balance between work and rest, comfortable living conditions, and the provision of mood-boosting meals and furniture. By prioritizing these aspects, you can enhance the productivity and loyalty of your tribesmen, leading your tribe to thrive in the challenging world of Soulmask. Implement these strategies to ensure your tribesmen remain happy, efficient, and steadfastly loyal.

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