How to get servants in V Rising

How to get servants in V Rising

In the immersive world of V Rising, adhering to traditional vampiric lore isn't just a narrative choice but a core gameplay mechanic. As a vampire, sustaining your existence hinges on feeding on blood and exercising your dominion over humans by charming and enslaving them. This guide delves into the intricacies of obtaining and managing servants, constructing a commanding castle throne, and deploying your servants on resource-gathering expeditions across the vast landscape of Vardoran.

The Role of Servants in V Rising

Servants in V Rising are indispensable allies that autonomously venture into the world to gather resources for you, even during daylight hours. This delegation of labor frees you to focus on higher priorities, such as fortifying your castle and strategizing your next move. The efficiency of your servants in resource collection significantly reduces the time you would otherwise spend mining materials like copper or sulfur manually.

How to get servants

Unlocking Servant Coffins

Servant Coffins
Servant Coffins

To start acquiring servants, you must complete the "Lord of the Manor" journal quest. This quest unlocks the Servant Coffin, a crucial structure for dominating humans. First, you need to craft and bind yourself to a Stone Coffin, a task achievable after converting part of your castle to stone. Completing this quest rewards you with the ability to build Servant Coffins, which require:

  • 16 Planks
  • 8 Copper Ingots
  • 1 Greater Blood Essence

Crafting Greater Blood Essence

Blood Press
Blood Press

To craft Greater Blood Essence, collect Unsullied Hearts from V Blood Carriers or named enemies, typically those above level 25-30. Place four Unsullied Hearts in a Blood Press to obtain one Greater Blood Essence. Combine this essence with planks and copper ingots to craft a Servant Coffin and place it within your castle.

Enslaving Humans

Dominating Presence Form
Dominating Presence Form

After setting up your Servant Coffin, equip the Dominating Presence Form from the Vampire Power wheel (accessible by pressing Ctrl). This form replaces your usual vampire abilities with a ranged spell capable of charming humans with low health. Enslave a human and lead them back to your castle to bond them to the Servant Coffin. Remember, each coffin can host only one servant, so you will need multiple coffins to increase your servant count. Upgrade your Castle Heart to accommodate more servant coffins and thus more servants.

Making the Castle Throne

Castle Throne
Castle Throne

Commanding your servants requires a Castle Throne, a regal and functional centerpiece of your dominion. The "Army of Darkness" quest, completed upon bonding your first servant, provides the recipe for this throne. Building it, however, demands significant resources:

  • Stone Bricks
  • 4 Greater Blood Essence
  • 16 Iron Ingots

Deploying Servants on Expeditions

Once your throne is established, you can dispatch your servants on expeditions to gather resources. Choose a destination, set the expedition duration, and assign servants to the task. The success of these missions heavily relies on the servants' stats, type, and equipment.

Equip your servants with strong armor and a single powerful weapon to enhance their chances of survival and success. Assign them to missions where their strengths align with the challenges they will face. Missions can take up to 24 real-life hours, with longer durations increasing the likelihood of success and the quantity of resources gathered.

Continuously upgrade your Castle Heart to accommodate more servants and keep an eye out for humans with superior blood types to enhance your servants' effectiveness. Investing in their equipment may initially slow your resource acquisition but will pay off with greater returns from successful expeditions in the long run.

By mastering the art of managing servants, you can efficiently gather resources, expand your domain, and solidify your reign in the dark world of Vardoran.

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