How to Find, Grow, and Harvest Cotton in Soulmask

How to Find, Grow, and Harvest Cotton in Soulmask

Cotton is one of the most valuable resources in the game Soulmask, playing a key role in your progression and the crafting of many necessary items. However, finding it can be more challenging than you might expect. In this article, we will detail where and how to find cotton in Soulmask, as well as offer some useful recommendations for its effective harvesting.

Challenges in Finding Cotton

In Soulmask, there are two main difficulties associated with finding cotton. First, the game does not provide clear instructions on where to look for this resource. Second, players are often unsure of what cotton plants look like. This leads many to spend a significant amount of time searching, often unsuccessfully. Fortunately, there is a reliable location where you can always find cotton, and it does not require a high-level character.

Where to Find Cotton in Soulmask

To find cotton, head northwest from the starting zone, passing by a series of lakes. Your destination is a place called Barbarian Barrack. By default, this area will be covered by the fog of war, but the camp's name will remain visible even through the fog.

Location of the Barbarian Barracks on the Map
Location of the Barbarian Barracks on the Map

Before heading to Barbarian Barrack, it is recommended to clear the fog of war. To do this, visit the camp southwest of Barbarian Barrack, called Western Barbarian Scout. In this camp, you will encounter a barbarian warrior, an attack dog, and a barbarian scout. You need to eliminate the warrior and the dog, and then reduce the scout's health to about 30%. After this, you will have the option to press the "E" button to disarm the scout and absorb their map knowledge, which will clear the fog of war. Be sure to use the "Q" button to scan the enemies to avoid accidentally killing the scout. If the scout dies, the camp will respawn in about 15 minutes.

Take Knowledge from the Scout
Take Knowledge from the Scout

In the chest in this camp, you will also find cotton seeds, which are worth keeping. However, the schematics for planting them will become available later, so you will still need to gather cotton the traditional way.

How to Harvest Cotton in Soulmask

After clearing the map of fog, head to Barbarian Barrack. Cotton grows in the southern part of the field surrounding the barrack. If you choose to enter through the main entrance, be prepared to face five enemies of levels 12-15. If you want to avoid fighting, you can use the rocky outcrop on the western part of the wall to sneak into the field unnoticed. Regardless of the path you choose, be sure to bring bandages in case of injuries.


Be especially careful when harvesting cotton, as the plants can be damaged in the process. If you accidentally destroy the cotton plants, you will have to wait for the next cycle when corn grows, as these two plants alternate.

Appearance of Cotton Plants

Cotton plants in Soulmask are tall (about 3 meters) green bushes with white flowers. No sickle or other tools are required to harvest cotton; simply approach the plant and press "E".

By following these recommendations, you will be able to successfully find and harvest cotton in Soulmask, allowing you to progress in the game and craft the necessary items. Happy hunting for cotton!

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