How to Find and Obtain Katress Ignis in Palworld

How to Find and Obtain Katress Ignis in Palworld

In the dynamic world of Palworld, a new wave of elemental creatures is making its mark, with dark and fire types taking the spotlight. Leading this trend is Katress Ignis, a vibrant fire variant of the enigmatic dark creature, Katress. Notable for its love of spicy food, Katress Ignis stands out, intentionally distancing itself from its fox-like counterpart, Wixen Noct.

Who is Katress Ignis

Katress Ignis
Katress Ignis

Katress Ignis is a character dressed in a bright red outfit that conceals most of its fur. The attire, reminiscent of dancing flames, gracefully flows to the ground, emphasizing the fiery nature of the creature. Embodying the very essence of fire, Katress Ignis exudes intensity and determination, overcoming any obstacles in its path with unwavering ferocity.

How to Find Katress Ignis

To encounter Katress Ignis, players must venture to the remote Sakurajima region in Palworld. This journey requires a flying or surfing mount, as a vast body of water separates the island from the central map. Unlocking saddles, essential for these mounts, involves accumulating Technology Points, which are earned by unlocking fast travel waypoints and leveling up.

However, players won't find Katress Ignis in the overworld, regardless of the time of day. This elusive creature exclusively inhabits the dangerous dungeons of Sakurajima. Unlike other creatures, Katress Ignis does not appear in the open world, compelling players to delve deep into the treacherous caves to find it. These dungeons are populated with powerful creatures, posing a significant threat to any adventurer.

Breeding Katress Ignis

For those seeking a less hazardous approach, breeding offers a promising alternative. By pairing Wixen and Katress, providing them with a Cake, and allowing time to pass, players can produce a Huge Dark Egg. Each egg is guaranteed to hatch into Katress Ignis, making this method reliable for acquiring this fiery creature. Although resource-intensive, hatching multiple eggs can significantly increase the catch multiplier bonus.

The Perils of Sakurajima Dungeons

Sakurajima's dungeons are not for the faint-hearted. These perilous environments are home to various fearsome creatures, including Wixen Noct, Bushi Noct, and Maraith. With a recommended level of 53, players must equip themselves with the best armor and weapons to withstand the challenges posed by these formidable adversaries.

The Indispensability of Katress Ignis on the Base

Katress Ignis at Base
Katress Ignis at Base

Katress Ignis stands out not only in combat but also as a versatile resource on the base. With Level 2 work suitability skills in Kindling, Handiwork, Transporting, and Medicine Production, this creature is extremely valuable in various roles. Its Level 2 Medicine Production skill, in particular, makes it indispensable for maintaining medical operations on the base.

Combat Efficiency and Resource Gathering

In battle, Katress Ignis excels due to its powerful attack capabilities and diverse move set. Defeating Katress Ignis in the dungeons yields valuable items such as Flame Organs and Katress Hair, which are essential for crafting advanced tools and High-Grade Technical Manuals. Since these items are not obtained through breeding, dungeon runs remain crucial for resource accumulation.

Moreover, Katress Ignis enhances players' efficiency in gathering resources, especially from grass-type creatures. Its partner skill, Field Guide, ensures that grass creatures drop more items when Katress Ignis fights alongside the player. This increased resource yield significantly reduces the time and effort required for farming, allowing players to focus on other aspects of the game.


Katress Ignis is a powerful addition to Palworld, combining fierce combat prowess with indispensable utility on the base. Whether acquired through the perilous dungeons of Sakurajima or strategic breeding, this creature becomes a key element of the game. Embrace the fiery spirit of Katress Ignis to dominate battles and optimize base operations. As Palworld continues to evolve, the inclusion of such diverse and powerful creatures enriches the gaming experience, offering new challenges and opportunities to explore.

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