How to catch Duskray in Palia

How to catch Duskray in Palia

The game Palia, currently in open beta testing, attracts players with its variety of opportunities and unique gaming world. One of the important aspects of the game is fishing, which provides players with the opportunity to explore the rich underwater world and obtain valuable resources. In this article, we will examine one of the most valuable fish for catching - Duskray, and share tips for successfully obtaining it.

Duskray is a unique black fish that can only be caught at specific times and places in the game Palia. To successfully catch this fish, it is necessary to know the optimal locations and times, as well as to use effective strategies.

Strategies for catching Duskray

One of the key places for catching Duskray is the rivers of Bahari Bay, especially in the area of Proudhorn Pass. Evening time is the most suitable period for catching this fish, so it is recommended to go fishing at this time. Also, pay attention to nearby places such as the Statue Garden, where Duskray can also be caught.

Best fishing spot
Best fishing spot

The strategy for catching Duskray requires patience and some skill. It is necessary to use quality equipment and skillfully react to the bites of the fish. Additionally, it should be remembered that Duskray is a rare fish, and several attempts may be required for successful catching.

It is important to note that a failed attempt to catch should not deter you. Continue to try and experiment with different strategies, and eventually, you will obtain the desired fish. Also, do not forget to use your fishing experience to catch other types of fish that can also bring you profit.

Try to fish in the evening
Try to fish in the evening


In conclusion, catching Duskray in the game Palia is an exciting and profitable activity that requires skill and strategic thinking. By following the tips and strategies described in this article, you will be able to successfully obtain this rare and valuable fish and improve your gaming experience in Palia.

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