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Exporting Water and Electricity in Cities: Skylines 2


Cities: Skylines 2, an exceptional city-building simulator, demands effective resource management. The player's primary objective is to ensure the comfort of the city's residents, including reliable electricity and water supply, while continuously increasing the financial resources of the urban budget. In this article, we will examine the crucial aspects of optimizing the processes of water and electricity export in the world of Cities: Skylines 2.

Water Export

Exporting surplus water is one of the most accessible and profitable mechanics in this game. Successful water export requires the presence of substantial sources of freshwater, such as underground springs or various types of surface rivers. To achieve this, you need to establish an efficient water supply system within the city.

Freshwater Supply System
Freshwater Supply System

After installing such a system or having it in place, you can easily commence the process of selling excess water. To export water successfully, connect the water pipeline to the primary water sources and direct it along the borders of your city. The exported water will automatically be distributed among neighboring cities, ultimately increasing the financial resources of your budget.

Electricity Export

The process of exporting electricity also offers substantial opportunities for profit. The primary requirement here is to ensure reliable and substantial sources of electrical power. It is essential that the total electricity production exceeds the consumer demand.

Power Transmission Lines
Power Transmission Lines

To export electricity successfully in the game Cities: Skylines 2, start by connecting the source of electrical power to a transformer station. Then, connect the transformer station to the power transmission network running through your city towards neighboring settlements. Upon completing this process, you will begin to receive additional funds for the surplus electricity supplied to neighboring cities.

As you wrap up the creation and development of your city in Cities: Skylines 2, efficient water and electricity export can become a pivotal source of financial growth, fostering the prosperity of your city. Skillful planning and optimization of these processes can significantly bolster your city's budget and ensure its economic stability.

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