Best Attachments for Rifles in BattleBit Remastered

Best Attachments for Rifles in BattleBit Remastered

In the game BattleBit Remastered, there is a wide range of various military equipment. Among the variety, one can highlight a fairly versatile weapon - assault rifles. Players also have the ability to use different attachments to enhance the characteristics of the rifles. We won't describe each individual attachment, but we will highlight the best and most effective ones.


Each weapon has a specific set of characteristics (damage, rate of fire, accuracy, etc.) that you can directly influence with attachments. Even a mediocre weapon can become formidable against opponents with properly selected enhancements.

NT-4 556

NT-4 556
NT-4 556

NT-4 556 is a muzzle suppressor that significantly affects recoil and rate of fire but negatively impacts accuracy. Ideal for short distances.

  • Vertical recoil: +2%
  • Horizontal recoil: +2%
  • Speed: +5% 
  • Accuracy: -3% 
  • Running speed: -0.0%

Long Barrel

Long Barrel is the best rifle attachment. This device significantly increases damage and rate of fire at the expense of accuracy.

  • Damage: +5% 
  • Vertical recoil: -20% 
  • Horizontal recoil: +4% 
  • First-shot kick: -1% 
  • Speed: +10% 
  • Accuracy: +?% 
  • Muzzle flash scale: -25% 
  • Control: -?% 
  • Running speed: -2%
Long Barrel
Long Barrel

BCM-Gun Fighter

An excellent underbarrel device. This attachment has almost no negative effects. It helps manage recoil and reduces reload time.

  • Horizontal recoil: +10% 
  • Running speed: -0.02% 
  • Reload time: +1%

B-25 URK

Also improves recoil control and reduces reload time. However, it sacrifices running speed.

  • Vertical recoil: +5% 
  • Horizontal recoil: +5% 
  • Control: -?% 
  • Running speed: -2.5% 
  • Reload time: +9%
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