Baldur’s Gate 3: What is the purpose of the room in the Elfsong Tavern?

Baldur’s Gate 3: What is the purpose of the room in the Elfsong Tavern?

Throughout the game Baldur's Gate 3, players consistently find themselves needing to set up temporary camps in the great outdoors in various locations, such as on coastal cliffs, in underground caves, in barren wastelands, on abandoned farms, and more. It's important to note that the game doesn't impose strict limits on the number of rests, but each of these rests requires an expenditure of 40 Camp Supplies.

However, the situation can change drastically when players reach the Gates of Baldur themselves - the heart of the city. Here, amenities await weary travelers like our party, and one way to access them is by renting the upper floor of the "Elfsong" tavern. This option is not only more pleasant than camping out on a forsaken waterfront, but also provides a unique opportunity to replenish supplies right within the tavern - a first for Baldur's Gate 3. In this article, we'll detail how players can secure this comfort.

The Room Rental Process

The "Elfsong" tavern is located right across from the Basilisk Gate, through which characters enter the city. This stage cannot be skipped, as players will be asked to retrieve lost equipment from the tavern's basement. However, this action is unrelated to room rental and is described merely for context.

The Tavern
The Tavern

For those seeking a comfortable place to spend the night, they should head to the bar situated at the far end of the main hall of the tavern. Bartender Alan Alit welcomes the guests, and players can request a spacious lodging from him. He gladly offers the entire upper floor for 200 gold coins, as one of the events related to Baal took place here.

Moreover, players have a chance to negotiate a discount with Alan if they can persuade him. This requires the use of Persuasion and Perception skills, and a successful Intimidation check might also be necessary. These actions demand a certain finesse, but those who succeed can obtain the room for free, "as long as the murder investigation continues." This condition also applies to the rest of the third act.

Advantages of the "Elfsong" Room

The most significant advantage of renting the upper floor of the "Elfsong" is the opportunity for the party members to sleep on actual beds within an enclosed space. While this doesn't impact gameplay mechanics, the room offers other benefits as well.

On the right side of the room stands a bedside table. During the night, interacting with it allows players to order a set of 40 camping supplies for 64 gold coins. In addition to using pre-collected supplies, players can utilize this option to avoid going hungry if they have a bit of gold.

Room "Elfsong"

The "Elfsong" room also replaces the standard camp while staying in Baldur's Gate. The entrance is on the second floor. Furthermore, the "Go to Camp" and "End the Day" buttons automatically direct players to the room, rather than to the usual deserted waterfront.

Similar to other lodging spots, the "Elfsong" room contains various items to find and containers to inspect. Notably, a chest near Wythers and Thavius holds valuable ingots. Also, to the left of the entrance, travelers can access a Traveler's Chest with gear and beds for extended rest.

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