All About Portals and Fast Travel in Soulmask

All About Portals and Fast Travel in Soulmask

The vast world of Soulmask invites you to adventure, but traversing its extensive landscapes can be laborious. This guide will tell you about unlocking the possibilities of fast travel, which will help you conquer this exciting open-world survival game.

Why Portals Are Needed

The expansive environment of Soulmask offers endless exploration opportunities. However, traveling long distances while managing resources can quickly become tiresome. Fast travel becomes essential for maximizing your efficiency and focus on the core gameplay: thrilling encounters, crafting, base building, and uncovering the game's mysteries. Soulmask presents two distinct fast travel systems, each designed for different situations:

Personal Portals: These player-created portals offer unparalleled flexibility. Place them strategically within your base or in frequently visited areas to create a network of instant travel points. However, there are limitations. You cannot teleport with a full inventory or a deployed mount. Additionally, acquiring portal components requires conquering specific dungeons, adding complexity.

Mysterious Portal
Mysterious Portal

Mysterious Portals: Scattered across Soulmask's biomes, these existing portals offer a convenient solution for long-distance travel. Positioned strategically near key landmarks and bosses, they allow quick access to remote areas. However, you cannot choose their placement, and their activation requires collecting and using Green Crystals, a resource you'll need to gather.

Creating a Personal Portal

Crafting Personal Portals empowers you to create an individual fast travel network. Here's what you need to know:

Acquisition: Collect portal components from challenging dungeons, such as Ancient Ruins and Holy Ruins. Be prepared for tough enemies and puzzles guarding these valuable components. Upgrade your gear to iron weapons at Awareness Level 35 for a smoother process. Don't forget to bring buffs to improve your performance.

Assembly: Once you have three or six portal components (depending on the portal type), return to your campfire and assemble them.

Activating Mysterious Portals

Location of Mysterious Portals on the map
Location of Mysterious Portals on the map

Mysterious Portals offer a convenient option for long-distance travel, but you need to unlock them first:

Activation: Find Green Crystals scattered throughout the world, or efficiently gather them in specific dungeons, such as Ancient Ruins Dungeons. Additionally, Temple Guardians consistently drop these crystals.

Process: After you have three Green Crystals, approach a Mysterious Portal and activate it. Remember that to establish a fast travel connection, you need to activate both the departure and destination points.

Tips for Using Portals

Mastering both Personal and Mysterious Portals opens up a new level of efficiency in Soulmask. Here are some additional tips:

  • Strategic Placement: Strategically plan your network of Personal Portals, connecting frequently visited areas such as resource-rich zones or crafting points.
  • Inventory Management: Plan ahead when using Personal Portals. Don't forget to clear your inventory before teleporting.
  • Mount Management: Dismount before using Personal Portals. Use Mysterious Portals to transport your faithful companion.
  • Green Crystal Farming: Prioritize efficient locations for gathering Green Crystals, such as dungeons, to quickly unlock Mysterious Portals across the map.

Armed with this knowledge, you are well-equipped to conquer the vast landscapes of Soulmask. Use fast travel to maximize your exploration, resource gathering, and overall gameplay experience. So, set forth, explorer, and navigate the world with newfound efficiency!

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