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Hi, I'm A.J., and this is my first game release as a solo indie game developer! I've added a lot of love in making this game, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in creating it! Expect a simple yet very polished arcade game where you constantly beat your previous score, earn coins, and unlock new characters.

I'd love to get in touch with BlamBox players, so please contact me through Twitter or my website if there is something wrong with the game, or you just want to say hi and talk about games!

A.J. Hecali - Heavenward Games

Shoot as many boxes as you can through the goals, and don't let them fall!

Red boxes should go through the red goal, blue to blue, and yellow to yellow!

It gets more challenging as you get better at the game.

Have fun and keep BLAM-ming those BOXes!

Left mouse button - Bounce up the boxes

Right mouse button - Shoot them through the goals

  • Easy to learn, mouse controls. Just two buttons to play!

  • Unique arcade game that's simple to learn, but hard to master!

  • Endless waves of boxes that pushes your aiming skills to the limit, and takes you into a state of flow

  • Unlock 7 characters to use (cosmetics only)

  • Steam Achievements and Leaderboards! Trading cards are on their way!

  • Steam Cloud Save Support

  • Perfect for quick rounds of fun gameplay while you wait for your AAA game to download ;)

  • Translated into 8 different languages
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I love this one and high praise to the developer(s) for their first entry onto Steam with this really fun and unique action game!
Watch my first play and impressions video HERE:
It starts off pretty difficult but if you are patient, you'll be rewarded with some really fun and high adrenaline retro arcade gaming fun here with BlamBox! This game runs very smooth on my 3 year old gaming pc netting over 500 fps, is 100% mouse controlled so no worrying about what keys to use and it's a blast to play!
Definitely recommended and well worth the asking price here! Don't miss out if you enjoy these kinds of games! 9 out of 10

Review from Steam

This game is deceptively simple, but it really is hard to master! Or maybe I just suck at this (entirely possible, LOL). Nevertheless, it's not a bad way to spend a couple of bucks.
- excellent way to spend a couple of minutes
- price
- visuals
- music
- I want more blocky avatars
Honestly, this game could work with multiplayer support down the line. Could be a fun party game for me and my hyper-competitive friends. :D

Review from Steam

✔ Fun to play
✔ Awesome graphics
✔ Great sounds

Review from Steam

Nice way to warm up your hand eye coordination :D
Love the art style.
Love the sounds.
Love the gameplay.
Pew pew!

Review from Steam

Well executed... nicely done! Simple yet it can be very challenging. Hope to see a co-op version or a player vs player where the boxes go to the opposing player until things gets too chaotic. XD

Review from Steam

I can't recommend this game enough! For everyone!
Not only is the game simple enough to be accessible to all sorts of players, it also provides a kind of challenge that the most diehard of players can appreciate as well.
Keep doing what you're doing, man.
And P.S. - thnx for letting me to play your game during ESGS.

Review from Steam

Wow! This game is fun, looks easy to play but as you reach higher round it gets more challenging.
I love the music, the visual and sound effects. Get this game and I'm sure you'll get your money's worth.

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