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Black Gunner Wukong: Prologue

Black Gunner Wukong: Prologue Screenshot 1
Black Gunner Wukong: Prologue Screenshot 3
Black Gunner Wukong: Prologue Screenshot 5

Black Gunner Wukong is a Rougelike type shooting game.

In the game, the player takes on the role of Goku, who enters a U.S. military base to rescue his master who has been captured by Biden.

very rare TPS+Vampire survivor!

Can use 6 big guns to crush your enemies!

Can fly using the Nimbus Cloud!

Rich build options, gun bonds combinations.

Play as different forms of Wukong, with various active and passive skills.

Bullet storms, a true bullet hell!

Collect peaches from each round of battle, purchase enhancements, and ultimately engage in a showdown with the boss.

A comically themed background storyline.

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