Biscuitts 3

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Biscuitts 3 is an arcade game for 1-2 Coop Players.

Adventure in a strange world, filled with monsters. Take your magic wand and combat in a fun adventure.

The gameplay is clear and simple. You control a character where you can walk left, right, up or down and you need to use your magic wand to combat with monsters over the levels.
When you kill all monsters you go to the next level.

Features and Content

  • Online Cross-platform Multiplayer
  • Two Characters to choose and play
  • All level are procedurally generated to add more randomness to each gameplay.
  • Full Controller Support

Cross Platform Multiplayer
We worked hard to release cross-platform functionality, where you can play with your PC, or you can play with phone device, even multiplayer online with your friends.

Controller Support
This game has Full Controller Support.

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Age Verification
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