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Big Drug

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BIG DRUG - A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. Find the criminal before he finds you. Run, search, laugh, but never deceive your brothers.GAMEPLAY
In Game "Big Drug" As a police officer, you will make your thorny path to the gang to solve a terrible crime. In the game itself, you need to look for drugs for the gang and work together.KEY FEATURE
* Online co-op up to 4 players *
Play with friends or go alone

* Unique treasure hunt system *
You have to search for treasures with friends or alone, as in childhood, focusing on buildings and places.

* Communicate with characters *
Communicate with them and find out information that will help you in passing.

* Run away from the cops *
Run away from the cops so that you and your friends are not imprisoned.

* The game is funny *
The game is designed for you to have fun and have a good rest.
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