Beyond Solar

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Beyond Solar is a pixel art vertical shooter that takes the players through a challenging journey to reveal the truth about the great migration of human beings to the outer space void.

You are “Gravity” a young pilot who grew up in the space colony “ARD”, humanity last hope and shelter after life on planet Earth reached the brink of extinction. Earth for “Gravity” is nothing but a bed time story he used to hear growing up in the colony until one day a distress signal was received from Earth! The supposedly deserted planet with extreme conditions that makes it impossible to any kind of organism to live there.

The signal put the colony on a great conflict and the big question arose whether the last of the humans should go back to earth or not. Leaders of the colony then decided to elect one of the best of the young pilots to lead the mission that might bring back the human beings to their original habitat planet Earth and they called the mission “Beyond Solar”.

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