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Belt Colony

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The year is 2040. You, an ex-sergeant, have signed a contract with a large mining corporation in the Belt. Mine ore, build out your outpost, travel to nearby asteroids and collaborate with other belters.

Mining outpost on an asteroid

Operate a mining outpost on an asteroid. Mine valuable ore from large and small rocks on the surface. Sell the ore to earn credits (the currency in the Belt in the future). Build out your mining outpost with a landing pad, drone pad, storage, solar panels, refineries, and more.

Mine ore from rocks

There are lots of large and small rocks on the surface that can easily be mined for ore.

Sell ore & buy upgrades, equipment, buildings, repairs, etc.

You can sell the ore that you mine using the management user interface in the outpost. Just click the "sell ore" button, and you will sell ore at the current market price and earn credits. You can use the credits to buy upgrades, equipment, buildings, repairs, food, water, etc.

Buy a spaceship

When you have earned enough credits from selling ore, you will be able to buy a spaceship. You can now mine ore more efficiently and travel to other asteroids.


As you venture out into the Belt, you will meet others. You can earn credits by doing tasks for others.

Space stations

There are several space stations scattered throughout the Belt. Most of them are owned by United Space Corporation and Utopia Arura Corporation.


Drones are very useful for hauling ore and small equipment.


Extractors are specialized drilling and extraction rigs that can be used to extract different types of ore beneath the surface of the asteroid.


  • Mining ores

  • Base building and upgrades

  • Deploy mining rigs and control drones

  • Low gravity and zero gravity physics simulations

  • Spacesuit and spaceship fuel, oxygen and integrity mechanics

  • Explore and mine large asteroids that are 1 to 3 km (0.6 to 2 miles) in diameter

  • Visit and earn credits at the many space stations in the belt

  • Easy to play

Chill out on in the Belt

Enjoy several hours of gameplay in solitude in the Asteroid Belt, mining for ore, operating your outpost, flying your spaceship, floating in micro-gravity, etc. This may be a good game for you if you like space games and are tired of action-packed shooting games.

Asteroid Belt

Scattered in an orbit around the sun, just beyond the orbit of Mars, are bits and pieces of rock left over from the dawn of the solar system. The asteroid belt has countless small asteroids, and between 700,000 and 1.7 million asteroids with a diameter of 1 km or more. The game is set somewhere in the Belt where there are several large asteroids in the proximity of each other. We have made many large high-quality asteroids of several kilometers (and several miles) in diameter. You can land on the surface of any of these asteroids and mine them. We have put quite a bit of effort into making the asteroids realistic.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great game and I recommend!
When I initially played this game I had some issues. After I left a review the developer promptly contacted me and addressed all of my initial issues concerning performance , hit boxes and in game tutorial. And yess rolled out an update straight away! You can see some of the details below. I am happy to say the developer has solved all of the issues I had with the game and made significant improvements. This game is exactly the kind of game I like to play. If you like space, mining and jetpacks you will love belt colony.
I would also like to make a special mention for the developer. This developer is dedicated to this game and with that type of dedication this game will be incredible as they genuinely care about he game and player experience. Its rare that developers are this attentive tot he community. Enjoy!

Review from Steam

Suit up and get to work! For EA, this game is very playable. Explore, Mine ore, sell ore, upgrade your suit, upgrade your base, process the ore, sell refined ingots, buy a ship, upgrade it, explore other asteroids. Be mindful of your needs, 02, food, power. Note at this time you must learn to use a jet-pack to move. The same physics are applied to the ship. Button mashing can send you off into space, "Ground Control to Major Tom!" The developer has been very responsive in the discussion groups. I recommend the game and look fwd to the updates. Support this EA title and together let see how it goes.

Review from Steam

Just started playing. I llike the premise, graphics are pretty good, but lets get the ability to walk going?!

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