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Battle for the Galaxy is a popular fast-paced sci-fi game where you develop your space outpost in a hostile enviroment of global war between corporations. Your army needs commander, get ready to dive into never-ending battles across millions of battlefields.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Not bad, buggy, unbalance, somewhat pay to win and the time for building/upgrading is ridiculous slow. However for a free to play game, i guess it's good and worth to try if you have a some free time to spare. Could be better if they give us some advantage for a new starter.

Review from Steam

Wow, i dont know why this game have so many negative review. For me in fact, despite the poor treatment for us - steam user, to battle against other million old players from other platform, that's what i call ridiculous unfair. Even if they do give us free dlc, it still not enough to change the great gap between us. Other than that, this game is very fun, interesting and good to kill time if you have a time to spare per day.
By the way, there're still some bugs at the time i'm writing this but the devs are quite active and listen to our report and take an action to fix it so i could give it a plus. Anyways, those bugs that i encounter are not fatal so you could play it without worrying too much about that. However, i do wish in the future, the devs could provide us more better treatment so that we could more than enjoy to invite friends to playing with.

Review from Steam

A friend of mine recommend me this game so i decide to give it a try. So that's the summary for how we end our friendship.
Well, it's too oblivious that you dont need to play it for so long to realize how "unfair" the devs treat us. They put us to battle agains a bunch of their old players - who have already played this game for a long time ago. They give us a "cheap and mostly useless" DLC for free and believe that enough for us to willingly happily sarcriface ourself as a "bait" to feed their old player. No, eff NO.
Oh, saying it's cheap and useless is very rude of me, of course it's not all that bad but the gap between new and old players is just too ridiculous huge, so their dlc is just like put some salt into the ocean, it doesnt change much.
Not only that, i also encountered quite a few bugs, though they're not fatal but for an over 10 year olds game & devs, i cant believe that they still let their game this buggy. For example, there's a bug that when you fuse your gear from 2 lv 5 normal to lv 1 rare, the gear only have +1 stats instead of +2 and it continue to remain like that. Second is they stop counting my medal, even no matter how many battle i have win after that. Third is in the current artifact hunting event, there're a lot of player's base that have something that it should not be there: like hero pod, 2-3 starport instead of 1 and so....
Funny to said this but this game maybe fun, worth to try and i dont mind i have to spend a ten or hundred bucks for it but if only it was 10 or 15 years ago, not NOW and not with this kind of unfair TREATMENT and its CURRENT STATE.
Lasty, the reason i give this game a thumb up because i see its potential and i feel sorry for this game because the devs didnt know how to running business here in steam, sell-off their potential spender because of their silly judgment. Anyways, you could give this game a try because it's not all that bad but to spend you money for this, that's the last thing you may want to regret later.

Review from Steam

Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game. Battle for the Galaxy is a real-time space MMO game in which you have to build your base, create an army, attack enemies, earn medals (if you battle well), and steal enemy resources. The gameplay features futuristic units and buildings and beautiful 3D graphics.

Review from Steam

this game is so fun and addicting

Review from Steam

This is a good example of an mmo, simple, easy to get into as well as learn to play, it plays out as you would expect from any of the trailers or videos on youtube you can watch. The game itself is divided into categories. Troops: being any force you create within the barracks, machine factory, or heavy factory. Defense: being any type of tower: bunker, rocket launcher, tesla tower, anti air tower, plasma trap, and plasma tower. Resources: only 2 types of primary resources exist, that being titanium and energy made their own refineries. Research: ways to improve your troops, Hero's, and defenses, which can be found from successfully attacking other players, purchased through the in-game currency, or acquired through an operation.
The game includes attacking enemy bases as it is an mmo, there are levels and ranks only pitting people against each other who are of similar level, which means you could be a really high level, but someone lower than you could have way better troops and defense as the rank of those could be higher, so watch out for that.
Another thing to note is that this can totally turn into a pay to win type of game, if someone wanted to put hundreds into it, i've seen people go from the starting base, all the way to top of the score board in only a few day/weeks, the luck thing being, is that it only pairs players against each other, based on level and what level your HQ is.
Hope this review helped sum up the game, without giving to much away :3

Review from Steam

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