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Ballad of Ba’al

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The Gates of Denial

The gates of denial jeer open for the perverted and their lackluster arrival then stifle with silence. At the precipice of oblivion, the degenerate merits a fortune of unforetold opportunity, but mercy does not beckon.

Ballad of Ba’al is an atmospheric tabletop, turn-based strategy roguelike about passing trials of the afterlife and ascending from eternal purgatory. Endure your depraved company through grim sacrifices, cryptic riddles, and oblivion’s ever-changing labyrinth all through an interpretive, minimalistic style.

Anchored to forlorn mistakes and nefarious regrets, your assembly lays barren. Seize the reins and serve as their guide, either the voice of conscience or the blightful compass, as you delve deeper into the never.

Game Features

  • Dynamic Team Building: Draft your roster wisely. Discover synergies and party configurations that efficiently solve the void’s trials.

  • Configurable Abilities and Equipment: Level up your cohorts and prepare them with the tools of survival. Grow their skill trees as they reflect on their past and recollect from their lifetime’s forgotten memories.

  • Unlockable Units and Story: Persue in-game achievements to unlock new deplorables, hidden abilities, and their demented failures.

  • Choice of Violence or Pacifism: Choose how you solve your trials. Forge on through the end and discover that violence is not the only answer.

  • Classic Roguelike: Prepare for the standard roguelike features, including character permadeath, procedural dungeons, and replayability. Learn from your past experiences, just as downtrodden will.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
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