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Grab your friends and get ready to run, bounce, and crash through some obstacle courses! In ball game, everyone is competing to be the fastest on each level, through a series of multiple courses staged across five beautifully detailed maps.

  • Roll Out In Style: Customize your character and the color of your ball, and stand out from everyone else trying to keep you from reaching the goal first - or maybe, while you pass them all up.

  • Can't Stop The Clock: Everyone's trying to get the quickest time possible on every level. Don't fall off! Each individual course has its own leaderboard for the fastest times. Plus, there's a rewarding sound for hitting a new Personal Best! Isn't that fun?

  • The Gang's All Here: Host a lobby for free, and invite up to 15 of your friends to see who's the fastest. Lobbies can be set to Public, Friends Only, or Invite Only, and you can get rid of unwanted visitors - as the host, you have complete control over who plays with you.

  • What's This Over Here? There are tons of (admittedly not very funny) easter eggs to find, and achievements to match. Find them for extra fulfillment!
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