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Aussie Clowns At War

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Aussie Clowns At War release date Dec 15, 2021 is intended to be a free humorous fast paced multiplayer pc fps online war shooter with some favored old school qualities like "COD MW2 kill streak announcer and Vietcong CTF" & 5 game modes with 1 capture the flag 2 domination points 3 search and destroy bomb fuse 4 team death match 5 free for all death match, 20 variety map scenarios , nice soldier weapons classes including 1 engineer flame thrower & shotgun 2 support heavy machine gun & pistol 3 sniper scope semi auto rifle & pistol 4 assault smg & 6 shot revolver, some soldiers also have knife and 4 grenades, health and ammo pickup packs scattered as well, humorous soldier jestures including some on weapon load outs and on item pick ups and crude sounds when close to some toilets and vehicles.

Easy and secure in game player match hosting, region selection for Australia and USA, game includes a READERS MANUAL FOR KEYBOARD AND MOUSE i.

Happy hour in shooter games is usually 8pm.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

im in the trailer

Review from Steam

Vietcong was such a nice game
(dead, needs more players this could be a legit game like games were before 2010)

Review from Steam

Me and my friends are in the trailer. If the game was more stable it would be amazing. Creator please add me on steam I have some input to add

Review from Steam

Mom look i'm in the Aussie Clowns At War trailer

Review from Steam

its lit

Review from Steam


Review from Steam


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