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Ativeil is a fun and interesting 3D puzzle game. Cubes, lasers, teddy bears... this game has them all. Kick your brain into high gear as you try to solve each puzzle, whilst listening to the relaxing music. Take your time to examine the many puzzles that are presented to you and learn the mechanics that will help you solve them and reach your goal.

Can you figure it out ?


  • 5 Unique Zones : Each zone has a unique visual theme and contains a different category of puzzles (logic,abstract,physical,movement, etc..)

  • Over 80 puzzles based on a number of unique mechanics.

  • Atmospheric environments and locales will keep your exploring interesting and enjoyable.

  • No mainline narrative : No need to go talk to guy 'A' to pick key 'X' and unlock door 'Y'.

  • No blocking puzzles : You are free to move from room to room and from puzzle to puzzle without any restrictions. Can't solve or don't like a puzzle? move to the next!

  • No pressure : There are no timers and no time-tracking or scoring based on time/speed, solve them at your own pace.

  • No punishment : You are encouraged to experiment and play around with the mechanics in order to figure out each puzzle. No death counters or penalty for failure.

  • Multiple solutions : Most puzzles have more the one way to solve them. Your creativity and imagination is the limit.

  • Relaxing music : Relaxing music will always be playing in the background. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some good puzzle time.

  • Achievements : Need an extra challenge? try to find all missing teddy bears and unlock all achievements

About gameplay :

Ativeil is a strongly puzzle-focused game. There is no story to distract you, no linearity of puzzles, no timers, no pressure and no punishment for failure. You are encouraged to experiment, play around with the mechanics and try to figure out each puzzle at your own pace.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Ativeil is a peculiar, but an extremely interesting puzzle game. Constructed as a scrapbook of various puzzles, you'll probably end up beating your brains out trying to solve them all. They'll challenge not only your creative thinking, but also your mathematical skills, reflexes and movement precision .
Each room that you visit (representing one level of the game) contains a puzzle to solve; finding its solution will grant access to an extra area that contains a yellow ball - your target for each level. There are no restrictions in regards to the order of solving the puzzles - all the rooms are accessible from the beginning, even those located in other worlds (there are three separate worlds with specific graphic themes and puzzle types). This allows you on the one hand to try a new puzzle if you're stuck on the current one and on the second hand, to use objects from one room into another - some levels are set up so that you won't be able to solve them using only the objects present in that room. Having no timers reduces considerably the stress of finding a solution asap - and you won't be able to do so anyway, since most of the challenges require a lot of trial and error and finicky controls.
The game offers a surprising amount of different puzzle types:
Optical puzzles - in which you have to guide colored rays of light on specific paths, using blocks of various shapes. You'll need to find out the right reflection / refraction angles using the mirrors that cover the blocks, or splitting one white ray of light into multiple colored rays using a prism.
Mechanical puzzles - in which you control from afar a device that can grab / interact with other objects
Platforming puzzles - in which your jumping accuracy will be tested via platforms that turn upside down or disappear from under your feet or via springs that propel you high up in the air - these requiring you to calculate with precision the landing spots
Logic puzzles - Flood It, Lights Out variants, Tilting Ball Maze etc.
and many others.
There are also some teddy bear collectibles present in the game - they're located in visible but usually inaccessible spots - getting to them is an extra challenge / puzzle to solve. Additionally, there are a few extra levels that can be unlocked only after you reach end game.
Ativeil has a lot of content, brilliant puzzles supported by beautiful graphics and an amazing soundtrack comprising of several relaxing piano songs. The abundance of levels with an assorted mix of mechanics will keep you occupied for hours. But will you manage to beat them all? Either way, I highly recommend to give this amazing game a try, as long as you're passionate about brain challenges.
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Review from Steam

Fantastic game, exactly my type of game. It is basically a series of around 80 puzzles, you can do them in any order with no time limit or other penalties. Very relaxing and a huge variety of puzzle types. Very sad when it finished. The graphics are beautiful, gameplay is simple. I played for over 15 hours and my (grown up) kids had a go, absolute value for money. Puzzles range from easy to hard, variety is what this game is all about. If you're a puzzle fan this just has to be in your collection. Hope there's more to come.

Review from Steam

Relaxing piano.
A seemingly infinite supply of awesome puzzles to solve.
Beautiful environments with some clever mechanics.
Every time I thought I had found the end of the game, another huge area opened up.
It would be nice to have a counter that tells me how many puzzles I have solved. It doesn't need to have an out of number like 4/100 but knowing how many I have completed would be great.
Check this game out.

Review from Steam

Interesting game, lots of cool puzzles that involve sound and music. Can be a little frustrating, but is lots of fun to play!

Review from Steam

I have 10 hrs of game play and have almost completed zone 1. A wonderful stress free game of imaginative puzzles. Kudos to the developer. A constant stream of relaxing music makes game play enjoyable even with the volume up a few decibels. Some of the puzzles are relatively simple while others require some extreme planning. Teddy bear collection has been a challenge in few rooms so far. Definitely a must for a gamer who wants puzzles and not a story line.

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