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Travel among the stars and planets In this VR only astronomy simulation. Within the solar system you can visit all the planets and moons as well as many asteroids, trans-Neptunian objects, and other small solar system bodies. Outside the solar system, go to thousands of stars and their exoplanets.


All the solar system objects sizes and locations are based on accurate and up to date information. Where actual images are available you will see the correct texture or, if detailed information is available, a reasonable extrapolation is used. The orientation of the planets is correct relative to the solar system and the solar system itself is oriented correctly to the background stars.

Star color, brightness, size and position are taken directly from available data or are calculated. There are thousands of stars and hundreds of exoplanets to investigate. The habitability zone of each star is calculated and the exoplanets within it are textured appropriately. As you explore you will see an indication for stars that are known to have planets as well as planets that are within the habitability zone.


Every object is labeled with an option to turn off the text. In addition, detailed information on each object can be displayed. When available, we collect data on position and orbits, size, mass, temperature, magnitude, luminosity, inclination, and more. You can do side by side comparisons with the sun, Jupiter, Earth, and the moon.

Currently there are:

  • 2248 Star Systems

  • 2877 Individual Stars

  • 8 Planets

  • 197 Moons

  • 75 Minor Planets

  • 280 Exoplanets

  • 5 Spacecraft

There will be more.


You may freely move among all the stellar objects with only two controls. Left controller thumbpad/stick for movement, right to zoom. Separate scales for object size and distance allow you to see the entire solar system within arms length or you may zoom in to where size and distance scales are the same.


Min Scale Distance: 1 meter = 2 light years.

Min Scale Object: 1 meter = 200 diameters Sol.

Max Scale (both): 1 meter = 10,000 km
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