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Asdivine Hearts II

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Picking up two years after the events of their first adventure, Zack and friends find themselves off on another quest, but this time to save the parallel world of Archelio, which is on the verge of being frozen in ice. Utilizing a brand new team system, lead up to six characters into battle, and destroy onslaughts of powerful foes! See the amalgamation of years of RPG-crafting expertise and plug in jewels to boost character parameters as the beloved rubix makes its triumphant return. Upgrade rare weapons to make one's own personal slayer of evil! Dispatch buddies to earn Guild Coins while the party works on their quest! Or simply equip their jewels to learn their skills!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Great JRPG.

Review from Steam

A nice sequel to Asdivine Hearts. Especially, the new combat system is interesting. Great battle sprites. Humorous dialogues. Decent translation quality. If you liked its first series, try it too. Recommend!
The game itself works very well and you do not have to spend a lot of time in one location. Some people see this as negative, but I think this is a positive approach as modern attempts to classical JRPG. And one of the key elements in JRPG is dungeon design. Asdivine Hearts has made its levels well since the first series. However, it may take some time for players to adapt to its sub-dungeons and mappings. But the player can enjoy it quite a bit. There are many hidden exciting things. There are a few little puzzles and traps, but challenging combat in a limited layout stage is fun in itself.
High-quality anime character artwork and the humorous conversation between them are the main features of the developer EXE Create / KEMCO. Among the games ported from the mobile original, the Asdivine Hearts series is definitely worth checking out. The UI can be a bit awkward, but it does not ruin the gameplay. KEMCO's games usually have a decent quality of translation. Especially, in Asdivine Hearts II, the conversations of main characters are filled with natural, lively and humorous scripts. If you are looking for a fun story and a comfortable JRPG, Asdivine Hearts II can be a good choice. Of course, if you can afford it, try the previous series first. It will help you to understand the worldview and stroy of Asdivine Hearts overall.
Asdivine Hearts II is the fan-disc from its first series. So you can enjoy this game as it is. It is full of pleasant and comfortable humor. Their adventure is not over. This game will satisfy the nostalgia for the classic JRPG that we have long loved. Of course, it is not perfect. Nevertheless, it's a great pleasure to be able to meet these good classic JRPG-style games again.
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