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Armchair Racer

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Arcade Style Racer with 4 player online multiplayer or single player with AI. Tracks are inspired by locations around the Pacific Northwest. Made for fun, quick and competitive matches.

20+ vehicles
10+ tracks
16 bit soundtrack
Online Multiplayer
Singleplayer with AI
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Armchair Racer is a spectacular demonstration of racing that combines old school charm with modern graphics. It brings back memories of the Super Nintendo's top down racing games, and exceeds them in the pure fun factor.
This game does a great job as the progression system is well crafted; you start with some old junker cars and work through the different races to unlock better vehicles and new maps to race on. The bots are competitive and seemed to tear me up.
Buckle up! Ill see you guys online!

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