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Arbiter is an intense, multiplayer arena shooter in VR. Blast yourself around the battle grid with an assortment of weapons in destructible environments. Each round is a new arbitration with players representing a side procedurally decided upon by the all-powerful Arbiter AI, a sentient machine unleashed on the world to solve all disputes. And The Arbiter will iteratively solve all of them... Will you fight for the side of kittens or Poland? Fuzzy slippers better than hot dogs? Soda versus Bieber?? You shall fight, and the Arbiter shall judge. All results are final.

  • Blast through destructible levels that give you a different fight every time

  • Guns double as jet packs that propel you through the air, rain down neon doom upon your enemies

  • Lose your mind over the bass thumping soundtracks that affect each level

  • Get ridiculous as you fight for absurd team match-ups as the Arbiter iterates through all possible disputes
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Has potential, but no one plays it. Would be great with bots.

Review from Steam

Great game with a lot of potential, really hope it continues to grow.

Review from Steam

its a pretty cool game

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