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"Let's go on an adventure to find the hidden master right now!"

Become a master of all sports!

Experience a variety of exciting VR sports games!

The mission of the game is to become a master of each sport field.

The method of the game is to succeed in the training and missions presented by the master.

If you master all fields, you become a hero.

Key Features

- Go to the hidden masters!

- Meet shooting, boxing, basketball, and baseball masters and train them!

- They will want you to clear the mission within the time limit.

- If you are recognized by masters through training, you can be put into real missions.

- You can become a grand master through real mission experience.

- Improve your skills to achieve higher scores! That way, you can become a grand master.

- You can enjoy a total of 8 game modes.

- This is a single player game.

- You can only play in VR.

- A minimum of 2 square meters of space is required.

- Compatible with Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Am I hero was very fun to enjoy various kinds of games at once.
The character graphics were attractive and the unusual sense of humor was very interesting.
The effect was great, and the various missions were enough to stimulate my challenge.
I look forward to seeing various types of games added in the future.
- 5/5

Review from Steam

This game is a VR game to experience various sports.
The peculiar thing is that the master character that appears is not like a master at all.
However, those elements make it easy to enjoy the game.
After clearing the Gag Master's mission without knowing it, I will concentrate on it.
Personally, I like boxing and baseball, which are the most active,
and I think it is a unique game where you can play various sports at home.
Just pay attention to the furniture around you when playing the game. This is the most important!

Review from Steam

I think it's perfect for me who like both casual games and sports games.
In the tutorial stage, it's a sport, but in the main game it turns into a casual game.
It's unfortunate that there are only 4 types of sports in Early Access, but it would be better if other sports were added later.
It's good to enjoy lightly.

Review from Steam

There are several sports games with simple rules, so they are good games to play when friends come.
The game characters and stories are weird and funny.
It's a casual graphic, but nevertheless the hitting feeling is good.
You must increase your achievement level to play the next sports.
The game itself is simple, but you have to focus and play to reach the target score.
Among them, shooting training is difficult.
These are games that are played in place, so you don't need a lot of space to play, but in the case of baseball, you have to swing, so you can't play in an excessively narrow space.
If you have Oculus, it's a game worth playing at least once.

Review from Steam

It was a different sports game that added other fun elements to the usual VR sports game.
Boxing is normal boxing with a punching bag in the tutorial,
On the main stage, if you hit the wall while holding a thread, it is a just right to relieve stress
Basketball is also an ordinary basketball in which you put a basketball in the goalpost in the tutorial,
When you enter this game, you will find yourself throwing trash into the trash can.
It would have been better if I could have enjoyed it through a network with friends.
Still, the game was fun.

Review from Steam

A game that seems to have slightly twisted the sports game concept
First, practice the sport you chose in the first step.
When you go to the main stage, a person named Master gives you a suspicious mission.
Strange missions are similar to how you exercise in the first stage, so you play naturally.
I thought it was a simple game, but when I play, I throw, hit, and sweat.
So I think the exercise effect is good.
Because it's a VR game, you have to shake your arms around, so if you do something wrong, the monitor can be damaged.
Personally, the boxing game was the most fun.

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