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aMAZE Untouchable

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How long have you developed your thinking and attentiveness? Today we will give you such an opportunity, as an interesting and attractive game appeared on our vast spaces, which allows us to poke our brains. Game aMAZE Untouchable perfectly suitable not only for your children, but also the whole family.

Try to go through a tangled maze without touching it. When you touch it, you will have to start the level again. After exiting the labyrinth, you will move to a larger labyrinth, and this will continue until you can not get out of all the labyrinths.
In this game you need to pass a small ball through the maze. It should be brought to the portal, which is usually located at the center of the labyrinth, but before that, activate it .

Levels became even greater, they became even more difficult and more interesting.

Not many maze games will create a whole new kinds of maze for you.

Use the keyboard arrow keys or W A S D button's to to navigate the different mazes

aMAZE Untouchable:
- 50 levels
- 6 kinds of labyrinths
- Achievements
- Calm Soundtrack
- Abstraction Art
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is, by far, the most stressful game I have ever played. Holy hell. Recommended for masochists, not recommeded for people looking for an easy game. Achievement hunters, beware.

Review from Steam

Warning: Some mazes have bright flashy colors..not recommended for people with epilepsy. (This needs to be put on the game btw)
This game is a bit suspenseful and not like the other aMaze games where you can go quickly and finish a maze..this one has a nice twist to cannot run into the walls..if you do this, it will make a loud noise and make you jump a foot each time because you are trying to concentrate on the ball and the maze. (I flip off the screen every time lol) The controls are pretty good thus far. I do tend to get ahead of myself from time to time and run into the walls lol..Anyways I give this game a 9/10.

Review from Steam

Good game.

Review from Steam

Got this for £0.39 and must say it wasn't bad for the price. In fact, it was actually really enjoyable to play through. The visuals are nice, the levels get progressively challenging in fair ways without being tedious, and the music is also nice.
A few very minor gripes, however:
The lack of a simple "Congratulations!" screen upon completing the game gives very little satisfying sense of accomplishment.
The ball seems to jump a very small space off its current position when you press any of the arrow keys. Not sure if this is a deliberate design choice, but it got a little distracting at the more narrow intricate sections of the levels with wavy boundaries.
The lack of statistics. It would have been neat to know how much time was spent on a level and how many times I had hit the boundaries overall.
With that said, these are trivial matters that didn't water down my experience. If maze games are your thing, I think it's well worth checking out.

Review from Steam

Nice game Ez to get all 150 (100%) achievements.

Review from Steam

The First: This game is ugly as hell.
The Second:
This game is hard in some ways, and to easy in anothoer ways. Just an another indie game.

Review from Steam


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