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Alpacapaca Double Dash

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Alpacapaca Double Dash is a 2D side-scroller​ adventure with cute pixel art and most importantly, alpacas! Embark on an adventure together with the magical girls Sparkshine Rose Sophie and Vanquishing Violet Elise and cleanse the evil that threatens the books of Azure Library.

You can play single player or co-op with a friend and control Sophie And Elise's familiars, the Alpacas!

Enter inside 3 different books to lift their curse. Inside these cursed books the protagonist spot is open and characters of the book are fighting to become the new hero of the story!

You have to choose carefully who will be saved and who will be defeated as every action you take can favor one of characters fighting to become the protagonist of their book. It's all in your hands how the story of the book is going to be told!

  • Explore 3 different books and decide how the story will be told.

  • Different challenges and puzzles for each Book.

  • Gather coins and use them in the gacha (capsule-toy vending machine) to unlock new outfits.

  • Powerful and challenging bosses that can change depending on your choices.

  • Play Single Player or Couch Co-op with a friend!

  • More than 50 diferent skins to create your own unique look.

  • Choose between Normal Mode for a more casual playthrough or Challenge Mode for a more intense experience!

  • Fun dialogues and interactions with the 3 magical girls, Sophie, Elise and Emily.

  • Multiple Endings.

  • Time Attack Mode where the fastest and more precise players will be forever remembered.

  • Steam Leaderboards.

  • Steam Achievements.

  • Original Soundtrack made by chaotrope​!

  • Beautiful character illustration of our cute heroines made by SonikoCosplayer!

  • Cute Pixel Art.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

- Enjoy Graphics, very simple, effective, cute and high quality, much higher quality than the first game
- Music change when another character speaks to set their tone is a nice touch
- Animations are really nice
- The "change story" aspect is really cool and how the level changes around u when you land on the gems, and how the enemies and environment changes
- Really nice music
Needs Improving/Fixing:
- Bit of broken English in the tutorial, like "All you need to jump on the block", as well as "remeber" (instead of remember)
- When using a controller, can't press down on the left stick to choose an option in menu's, only can do it with the D-Pad
- The slot machine thing doesn't show the price/amount of coins u need to insert
- Your alpaca doesn't change what direction it is facing in mid air
- I feel like the gem needs an animation when you land on it
- Some weird stuff like this
- Now this is nitpicking but there seems to be a line when u walk in the alpaca? Like a weird white line in the face, my recording above it too low quality to show it but yeah
- The pushing part in the 2nd level seems... very slow/broken? (
Overall this is a great single-person developed game that is worth your support, and will be even greater once the cons are fixed and improvements are implemented. Coming from the first game, it is a major major step up.

Review from Steam

I am loving this game so far, I've been patiently waiting for it to release after playing the first Alpacapaca dash game. This game is a very different game to the original though, it is a platformer, with its unique mechanic where you get to choose the outcome of the story by performing actions in different "sides"
This game was a lot harder than I first expected and I welcome the challenge of it. Although, the boss fights do seem a little unfair and the rabbit king seems a little broken at times, his hitbox seems to break at times and kill me where it previously didn't. I find that using "retry" in the menu helps to fix the bugs in the levels, as the higher the death counter gets in the mission the more it "breaks"
The style of this game is amazing. I love how unique all the enemies are, both in the different books and the different sides. The detective book is my favourite level so far, one side is robots and the other is cats. Although I do have problem with the second book, the comic/manga story panels aren't seeming to load for me, whether I do Elise's or Sophie's side.
I love the customisation this game has, I myself absolutely love alpacas more than anything, so being able to dress my alpaca up in wacky, cool and cute costumes is a really appreciated feature. The amount of choice is rather big, but you have to earn coins and use them in a gatcha machine, with alpaca coins that you earn through gameplay.
The music in the game is lovely and I really like how it changes depending on what "side" you are on.
I would really recommend this game, especially if you love alpaca.

Review from Steam

  《Alpacapaca Double Dash》是一款闯关解密向游戏,并融入扭蛋机、视觉小说和漫画故事等要素,游戏中有两位美少女主角,她们分别负责粉色或黑色故事世界,玩家要善于变换世界。游戏考验玩家的思考能力和观察能力,玩家将会操作一只羊驼收集水晶、解救人质和钥匙,完成关卡解锁漫画。场景美丽,敌人可爱可亲,音效清新,很适合女性玩家的游玩。
  两位可爱的日系少女同时来到一座新图书馆中,粉色少女Sophie很惊讶图书馆藏书丰厚,感叹此生第一次见。图书馆管理员调侃她并安排她工作,她刚开始气呼呼不愿接受,黑色少女Elise接机说笑,随着她们和管理员的谈话,慢慢暴露自己的“理想目标”,做一个“magical girl”,还以此为荣。她们分别负责粉色故事世界和黑色故事世界,粉色世界中兔子捉住了熊,黑色世界熊捉住了兔子。一只羊驼闯入她们的图书馆,时不时穿梭这两个世界收集水晶,找到钥匙,获取一片漫画碎片。两位少女与羊驼的故事就此展开……
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Review from Steam

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Alpacapaca Double Dash is a cute puzzle platformer where the puzzle aspects change the way each story progresses. The alpaca accessories adds a certain charm, especially during co-op. 6/10

Review from Steam

Alpacapaca Doble Dash is very cute. I really liked the dialogues of the magical girls and also that you can choose between a lot of fun outfits for the alpaca. I though it would be easy, but tbh it was a bit challenging (specially the cat levels)

Review from Steam

Got this game for my girlfriend and she loves it, she says she likes how the alpacas butt looks when it runs lol.
Multiplayer doesn't seem to work though, we tried her on the keyboard and me using an Xbox One controller but it gets stuck on the second player's accept screen. Not sure what to do there.
Overall it's good!

Review from Steam

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Sequel to Alpacapaca Dash, this time with 3 cuuuute magical girls! Very good collaboration. Play as a alpaca, earn money, and get many outfits by the gacha.

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