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Alien Crusader

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Prepare for a battle of a life-time. Alien Crusader is an action packed, vertical scrolling, space shooter game, similar to classic coin-up arcade and shoot'em up games, but with improved game-play, graphics and sound. It is free-to-play and features online high-scores and game statistics. Play to become a hero as you fight your way into the high-scores.

The galaxy is under attack! You are a human pilot that has gained access to a secret prototype alien fighter! You are up against a whole fleet of evil alien invaders and have to visit different planets, solar-systems and asteroid fields, to ultimately fight and defeat the aliens, free the galaxy, save planet earth and the entire human race. Sounds easy?! Rest assured it won't be!!

Alien Crusader contains 25+ beautiful levels. Travel through interstellar spacescapes, fight your way through asteroid fields, defeat the secret alien bases and shoot down the alien motherships, to finally reach the aliens planetary ground base. Through the game you collect Spacecoins that you can use to buy weapon and technology upgrades between missions. As you improve your skill, new items are unlocked so you can upgrade your weapons and spaceship technology in the Shop. Weapons include the Vulcan Laser, the Pulse Cannon, Heat-seeking Rockets and Plasma Smart Bombs. Other upgrades are Dual Cannon, Dual Rocket, Spacecoin Magnet, the Antaris Spaceship and more.

Playing Alien Crusader is completely free for Standard membership. You can reach all stages and practice up to stage 10, although with limited continues. At any time you wish, you can upgrade to a Premium membership in the Shop. Upgrading to Premium is a permanent, one-time action that rewards you 100.000 Spacecoins and unlocks Infinite Continues and the Two-Player Co-Op Mode, so you can play with a friend. Premium also gives access to the bonus Platinum Elite Options, including Shield, Invisibility, Hologram, Quad Damage and Time-Warp.


  • Arcade-style Space shoot 'em up action.

  • 25+ Beautiful Levels.

  • Online Top-100 High-Score Leaderboard.

  • Full Game-Controller support.

  • Steam Achievements.

  • 720p and 1080p Windowed, Fullscreen and Steam Big Picture mode support.

  • VSync for a smooth, consistent 60Hz framerate.

  • High Quality Graphics with Lensflares, Postfilters and Antialiasing.

  • Skill Level advances with updated online Stats and Profile.

  • Customize your weapons and upgrades to fit your play style.

  • Laser, Cannon and Rocket shooting modes.

  • End-of-level Big Bosses with shootable parts.

  • Chain-Kills that are rewarded with Spacecoins and Power-Ups.

  • In-Game only Platinum Power-Ups for boosting firepower.

  • End-of-level Stats and Bonuses.

  • Alien Mothership with shootable energy orbs.

  • Asteroid fields with destructable rocks.

  • Free Level selection for both Practice and High-Score Runs.

  • New Weapons are unlocked as skill level increases.

  • Dual Rocket, Dual Cannon, Spacecoin Magnet, Spaceship upgrade and More.

  • Smart Bombs for when cornered.

  • Non-bullet-hell, Consistently Hard, One Difficulty Level.

  • Accompanied by high-energy electronic music.

  • Separate Sound and Music volume controls.

  • Always-Online ensures accurate scoring and game progress.

  • Free-To-Play with Premium upgrade option.

  • Elite Power-Ups: Shield, Invisibility, Hologram, Quad Damage and Time-Warp. (Premium)

  • Hologram introduces a mirrored ghost ship for twice the firepower. (Premium)

  • Time-Warp slows down time for dodging bullets. (Premium)

  • Play 1 Player or 2 Player Local Co-Op (Premium).

  • Infinite continues. (Premium)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a fairly mediocre shoot'em up. Graphics are on the low end, the enemy types don't have a whole lot of variation, and the control scheme feels weird for a game released in 2018. The game is free, which allows you to play and see what it's like before you decide if you want to spend money on microtransations. It does say that there is coop, but you need to pay to use it. I did not pay, and therefore my experience was only in single player.
If you want to grab the game to mess around for a little bit then go ahead, but I don't think it will be worth any in game purchases. It is a game though, and it can be fun to play for a small stint. Barely gets a recommendation from me.
First Impression Gameplay:

Review from Steam

I played this game for almost a month now. It kept me busy for a long time and I have to say that it was a challenge.... but in a positive way! The player has to unlock a lot of weapon upgrades first in order to get to the higher levels. I played this game with a controller and all I can say is, that its enjoyable! The only thing that reallly needs to be fixed is the level selection. From level 10 there is no way to unlock any further levels even if it says "play to unlock". I beat level 25 and also level 26 and its still locked! So please dear developers fix that or just end the level selection on level 10, cause there is no way to unlock any more levels.
In a summary, its an enjoyable game wich will keep you busy for around 3 weeks if you play almost everyday. So if you like this type of games, just give it a try. The game is designed simple but not bad, it works properly, controller support is available and.... its challenging! :)
Hope this review helps a little bit.
Here is also a Full Gameplay, its not deathless but at least shows what to expect in higher levels:
PS: I want to keep my reviews fair, so I have to admit that I would NOT buy the full version of this game. The main reason for that is, that after level 25 there probably wont be anything new. In other words, after a player finally beats level 25, the game would just get boring. But thats only my opinion. I had fun, but after beating level 25 the game is over for me. :)

Review from Steam

It's a typical shoot 'em up game. Either you're grinding for a long time to get the upgrades, or you're paying money for them. Still, is good to to play when you got a bit of time to waste

Review from Steam

For what it is, it's not too bad. Saw this game and gave it a shot because fuck yeah bullet hell games. My only complaints are how some of the enemies attacks blend in with the enviroment due to the high amount of bloom (I don't know if decreasing the graphic quality makes it easier in that regard.), making it hard to tell where the bullets are and I die because I couldn't tell whether or not I was shot at. Another is there's sometimes no way to tell when something is gonna attack, mainly bosses. The first boss where it shoots pink bullets out of nowhere has killed me just because I don't know when it'll happen so I die out of a cheap death. Give something like a audio cue and it'll be dandy.
You'll get your fun if you just wanna kill time or you're a bullet hell fan. It's more in short bursts really.

Review from Steam

This is an above average, perfectly serviceable bullet hell shooter that is likely to be a bit too easy for the most seasoned veterans of the genre (at least at lower levels), but makes for a good introductory game for someone new to the genre. Art style is consistent and coherent. Music isn't bad and fits the art style. There are many shooters better than this one, but there are many, many more that are worse.
I had fun playing it. Getting all of the levels and co-op does require buying premium ($5.99) though.

Review from Steam

A great old school top scrolling space shooter with beautiful background graphics. The ship you play could do with some work, graphically speaking and maybe the option to change ships; but I'm being picky. The action is great as is the game play, which is just difficult enough to keep it interesting. Love the power ups and the fact you can buy them from currency earning in the game and make them permanent as well as the fact you don't need to buy it to take advantage of the great game. Big plus - no ads.

Review from Steam

The game brought me back to the times when i played the NES scrolling shooters like Gun-Nac, B-wings, LifeForce and so on. I really like this simple gameplay. I don't know who created the level music but it goes perfect with this graphics and the galaxy background.

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