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During an operation, the steward, who is a soldier, stumbles upon a portal that was hidden at the end of the cave and used by wizards and wizards in ancient times. If you cast a spell according to a custom that sorcerers believe, you will have to pay a price. When the steward passes through the portal, he is cursed by the gods, gaining powers for other people to kill people for. He gave a piece of his soul as a price. When a piece of his soul was gone, he saw changes in his body.
Is Steward ready to survive in an age he doesn't know?Game Mods Story Mode
In an age unknown to Steward, join the adventure of surviving the gods and god soldiers and reaching the portal.
Huge open world
With an area of ​​16 kilometers, It Offers You Many Portals and Locations to Explore
Dynamic Weather
Weather Changes Randomly
Third Party Camera
There is only one camera angle
Loot Old Wizard houses
The spellbook from the wizard houses shows the location of the Portals and helps you to finish the game
Crafting and Skill tree
You can improve collectibles or craft new items
You can increase the level of Powers with spellbooks whose supernatural powers can be collected because they are cursed by god
Dynamic Battle System
You will feel the pleasure of the Game to the End with the Streamlined Battle system while you are fighting with god or god soldiers.

Are you ready to survive in an age you don't know?
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