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Aground Zero

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Aground Zero is a 3D spinoff of Aground - taking place during the same timeline of the main game. As one of the few survivors deep underground on Earth, you will have to mine, craft and build a bunker with only your protosuit and a cheerful AI as a companion.

Did other humans survive the bombardment? Perhaps together you can make someplace livable, and even try to return to the surface - but who knows what you'll find when you get there!What can you do in Aground Zero?
  • Mine ores, gems, and other resources

  • Build structures

  • Rescue survivors

  • Fight enemies and bosses

  • Explore the ruins of Earth

  • Upgrade your tools and Protosuit

  • Craft items and automate factories

  • Balance power generation and usage

  • Meet some familiar faces in 3D

  • Reach the surface, and beyond?
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